Zach found a publisher's rejection letter in Professor Lowry's trash

One of the things Zach found in Professor Lowry's trash was this crumpled up rejection letter.

July 24, 2015

Mr. Lowry:

I regret to inform you that our firm has no room on our upcoming release schedule for your manuscript The Age of Incivility.

We found the concept of your Civil War novel to be extraordinary: what if the Civil War never ended and continued to be fought until the year 3045.

Naturally, the novel's 4,619 pages were intimidating but not as much as the text itself, told in so many flashbacks and unconventional narrative structures that it's virtually impossible to read.

We had no editors with the endurance to find brilliance in your novel, so I'm afraid we must reject it. As it stands, the novel is unreadable and unmarketable.

Thank you for your submission, and I hope you find a home for it.


Nan Arguille,
Executive Editor


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