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Tuesday, September 6, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.

Pauline Jones is one of several people who Oscar Knight upset at the Marshall family reunion on August 20, 2022.

Detectives Murphy and Parker re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Pauline Jones

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, Pauline. It's nice to see you again. Will you please state your name and address for the record?

Pauline Jones: My name is Pauline Jones, and I live at 1368 Jefferson Avenue in Oxford. Good afternoon, detectives. Is this more about Oscar? It's horrible, just horrible what happened to him. He wasn't a nice man, but who could have done such a thing?

Detective Murphy: We're hoping you can help us find out. Since the last time we spoke to you, have you recalled anything else that might help with our investigation?

Pauline Jones: Nothing I didn't tell you before. Oscar was being such a jerk. He was rude, and it seemed to me like he was on a mission to cause trouble. I'm not sorry for slapping him. He deserved it for being such a jackass. For the life of me, I can't figure out why he even came to the reunion.

Detective Parker: You know, I remember someone else saying Oscar was on a mission to start trouble. Do you know Jimmy Barton?

Pauline Jones: Of course. He's Liz's son. I've known him for years.

Detective Parker: Did Jimmy know Oscar Knight?

Pauline Jones: No, I don't think so. He probably saw him at the reunion, but I'm sure he hadn't met him before. Liz said Oscar left town long before Jimmy was born.

Detective Murphy: It's interesting that both of you used the same words to describe what Oscar was doing. Have you and Jimmy talked about him?

Pauline Jones: Of course. Everyone is talking about Oscar after what happened to him.

Detective Murphy: What did the two of you say about him?

Pauline Jones: Mostly, Jimmy has just been worried about how his mom is handling everything. He doesn't like seeing her as upset as she was after seeing Oscar at the reunion. I promised him I would tell him if I thought she was having trouble dealing with any of it.

Detective Parker: And how is Mrs. Barton doing after hearing the news about Oscar?

Pauline Jones: She's fine. I don't think she liked Oscar very much. She called him "a sorry sack of s***." I was shocked if you want to know the truth. She doesn't usually use language like that.

Detective Parker: Would you say she hated him?

Pauline Jones: Oh, I don't know if I'd use the word "hate." She didn't like him, but you have to care about someone to hate them, if you know what I mean.

Detective Parker: I'm not sure I do.

Pauline Jones: Well, if you're indifferent to someone, if you just don't care what happens to them one way or another, you're not going to put any energy into hating them.

Detective Parker: Did you hate Oscar?

Pauline Jones: No.

Detective Murphy: Have you found out any more about why Liz disliked Oscar so much?

Pauline Jones: Not really. She said a long time ago, when they were just kids, she tried to be his friend, but he was cruel to her back then, just like he was at the reunion. When we found out he was missing, she said it was good riddance to bad rubbish. I thought that was a bit harsh, but I guess he really made her angry, talking about her looking her age. Liz takes pride in her appearance.

Detective Parker: Do you think Liz would be capable of harming Oscar?

Pauline Jones: Of course not! You're not serious. In all the time I've known her, I've never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. Well, I guess Oscar is the exception. I know she was angry at him for being so rude, but I think it hurt her feelings more than anything.

Detective Murphy: Did she happen to mention where she was after she left the reunion?

Pauline Jones: She went home.

Detective Murphy: And then?

Pauline Jones: And then… oh, you're talking about her going out for coffee with Albert that night?

Detective Murphy: Is that something she does often?

Pauline Jones: Oh, sure. Both of us go out with Albert sometimes, but usually at a normal hour. Liz isn't much of a night owl. I guess Oscar really upset her.

Detective Parker: You and Liz are both dating Albert?

Pauline Jones: Dating? Oh my, no. It's just nice to have a friend to go out with from time to time.

Detective Murphy: Why did Liz ask Albert to meet her that night instead of you, for example?

Pauline Jones: I don't know. Maybe because Albert knew Oscar back then too.

Detective Murphy: Didn't Steve Marshall also know Oscar back in school?

Pauline Jones: Yes, but Liz wouldn't call him for something like that at that hour. He's a married man. It wouldn't be appropriate, no matter how long they've been friends.

Detective Murphy: Was there ever anything romantic between Liz and Steve over the years?

Pauline Jones: No, Steve has been in love with Ellen since they were teenagers. Liz's relationship with him has always been platonic. She would've told me if there'd ever been anything else between them.

Detective Parker: Let's go back to Albert Plum for a moment.

Pauline Jones: We're all just friends, I promise you. If you really knew Albert, you'd know that.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am. But since you're such good friends with Albert, did he ever tell you anything about that night he and Liz went for coffee?

Pauline Jones: Like what? They went to the Huddle House. They talked. They drank coffee. Albert ate French toast at midnight, which was very bad for his health, and don't think I didn't point that out.

Detective Parker: Did he say what they talked about?

Pauline Jones: I assume they talked about Oscar. I didn't ask.

Detective Parker: You didn't ask?

Pauline Jones: If they want me to know, they'll tell me.

Detective Parker: Do you believe them that all they did that night was talk at the Huddle House?

Pauline Jones: I told you. Liz isn't dating Albert.

Detective Parker: Yes, ma'am. I didn't mean that. I mean, do you think it's possible they could've gone somewhere else together?

Pauline Jones: At that hour? Where would they go?

Detective Parker: To the Rebel Inn to see Oscar Knight?

Pauline Jones: Certainly not! Why would either of them want to see him, of all people?

Detective Parker: They were both pretty upset with him that day.

Pauline Jones: Exactly. So they'd want to stay away from him, not spend even more time with him.

Detective Murphy: Where did you go that day after the reunion?

Pauline Jones: I went home, and I stayed there.

Detective Murphy: Can anyone corroborate that?

Pauline Jones: Well, no. But you can't think I would kill Oscar. Why would I?

Detective Murphy: You've had some time to think about it, to talk to your friends about it. Who do you think killed Oscar?

Pauline Jones: I can't imagine.

Detective Murphy: What about your friends? Who do they think killed Oscar?

Pauline Jones: I wouldn't know.

Detective Murphy: Is that what you and Albert were arguing about at Bouré the other night?

Pauline Jones: How did you— we weren't arguing. We were just talking about Oscar, trying to figure out what happened.

Detective Murphy: And did you come up with any theories?

Pauline Jones: No, nothing that makes any sense. I just don't see how it could've been anyone we know.

Detective Murphy: But if you came up with a theory that did make sense, you'd tell us, right? Especially if you had information to back it up?

Pauline Jones: Of course, I would!

Detective Murphy: See that you do. Thank you for talking to us today, Pauline. We'll let you know if we need anything else.

Pauline Jones: Goodbye, detectives, and have a nice day.

Interview ended – 1:32 p.m.



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