Pauline moved to Oxford after high school and has lived there ever since

Pauline Jones bio

Pauline Jones was born May 12, 1954, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, to William and Julie Hanson. Their son, Gary, was two years old when Pauline was born.

Pauline and her brother were inseparable as children. Since both parents worked, Gary and Pauline grew to depend on each other. They had a happy childhood and remained close during their high school years. Gary was very protective of his sister and made sure the boys she dated treated her right.

When Gary went away to college at the University of Tennessee, he and Pauline wrote to each other often, and Gary came home to visit when possible. Pauline's parents couldn't afford to send them both to college, and since Gary was the eldest, he was the one chosen. Pauline loved her brother, and she agreed he was the one who should attend college. Gary went on to graduate with honors and landed a job in Tennessee, where he now resides with his wife and three children.

After Pauline graduated from high school, she found a job at Neilson's Department Store in Oxford. One day while she was working, a young man came into the store and introduced himself as Daniel Jones. He purchased a box of candy for his mother's birthday and told Pauline she was as sweet as the candy. On that day he swept her off her feet, and they were married a year later.

Pauline was happy with her new husband and thought life couldn't get any better until she gave birth to a baby girl two years after they were married. The baby was a born a month early and needed special care, so Pauline didn't go back to work but stayed home instead to take care of her daughter. She watched her daughter grow from a child to a woman with a family of her own.

In 1997, Pauline lost her beloved Daniel to a massive heart attack. She found herself alone in a big house, so she decided to join the Oxford chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). It was there that she met Elizabeth Barton, and they became instant friends. She and Liz spend a lot of time together and have been friends for twenty years.

Elizabeth Barton introduced Pauline to her friend Steve Marshall and his family, and they welcomed Pauline into their circle. She has been attending the Marshalls' annual reunion for almost as long as she and Liz have been friends.


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