Albert Plum was seen at places of interest to the investigation

Albert Plum bio

Albert Plum was born in Oxford on November 10, 1950. Since Jeremy Plum was still serving overseas until June of 1950, Jeremy left his wife when the baby proved to not be premature. Albert was thus raised by his mother, Natalie, with the sometime-help of his "Uncle Bob."

At school, Albert was mercilessly teased as "the bastard son of a bastard son." His teachers, who were unable to stamp out the behavior of his classmates, reported that he grew more introverted as the years went by until he was a stoic as his fireplug build suggested.

Albert was the sort who buckled down and got things done, applying the same frowning effort to recess as he did to his studies. By the time he reached high school, that dogged determination had put him in the top ten percent of his class, and people were surprised when he didn't go on to college.

Instead, he asked the owner of the hardware store when he'd been working part-time to take him on full-time and put him on a management track. the owner agreed, and Albert went to work for him 40 hours a week right after graduation.

By the time Albert was 25, he was the store manager and he asked his boss whether it would be possible to come in as a partner. When his boss agreed to the deal, Albert pressed his Uncle Bob for the money to buy into the hardware store.

When Albert's partner died from cancer seven years later, Albert became the sole owner and took on the additional responsibilities to keep the business running, despite increasing pressure from national chains and discount department stores.

Albert has never married, or even dated anyone seriously as far as his friends know, and his relationship with his mother remains strained.

Witness reports put Albert at the Marshall family reunion on August 19th and at Lamar Park on August 24th.


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