Man with receding blond hair and facial hair, wearing sunglasses

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – 11:20 a.m.

Davis Myers from Evansville, Indiana, is staying in the room next door to the south of the room where the severed finger was found.

Detectives Murphy and Parker re-interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S, Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Davis Myers

Davis Myers: Hi. I'd like to be moving on sometime soon. Are you done with me now?

Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address for the record.

Davis Myers: You can't answer my question first?

Detective Parker: Just do it.

Davis Myers: My name is still Davis Myers, and I still live at 3860 Boeke Road in Evansville, Indiana.

Detective Parker: We know you still have the same room at the Rebel Inn, but you haven't been there. Where have you been?

Davis Myers: Boy, you cops sure are a nosy bunch. I only go there when it's time for bed. I can't just sit in that room all the time, you know. I just been riding around and looking, but I've seen about all there is to see here. I'd like to move on. It's a nice town and all, but I'm done now.

Detective Murphy: You were riding around on your motorcycle?

Davis Myers: Yeah. So?

Detective Murphy: So tell us about your motorcycle. You said before it's a Harley, right?

Davis Myers: It's a 1997 Softail Bad Boy.

Detective Murphy: Is that a common model?

Davis Myers: Not really. They only made it from '95 to '97.

Detective Murphy: You like it?

Davis Myers: Best ride I ever had. On a bike.

Detective Parker: So if you only go to the Rebel Inn at bedtime, where have you been spending the rest of your time?

Davis Myers: I've been all over the place since I had so much time to kill. I stopped in at Square Books to see about a bird book 'cause it kinda was beginning to look like I had lots of time on my hands with nothing to do. Went to Rowan Oak. Stopped by the skate park. Checked out that C'est Belle art gallery. Ate chicken-on-a-stick at the Chevron. Ate a pig-skin tater at Lil' Abner's. I've been to—

Detective Murphy: What about Lamar Park?

Davis Myers: What about it?

Detective Murphy: Is that one of the places you checked out while you were touring the city?

Davis Myers: Yeah. It kinda reminded me of home. We got lots of parks in Evansville.

Detective Murphy: What did you do at the park?

Davis Myers: I don't know. People watching, walking around.

Detective Murphy: Did you walk near the lake?

Davis Myers: Yeah.

Detective Parker: Did you throw anything in the lake or around it?

Davis Myers: No. Why would I do that? That'd be littering. I don't do that in my parks. Why would I do it in yours? You think I'm dumb, don't you?

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyone doing anything unusual, especially around the lake?

Davis Myers: Like what? People doing something dirty? I didn't see nothing like that. I only saw some people walking and running, some guys going back and forth to whatever's on the other side of those woods, folks having picnics. I took my own lunch there sometimes.

Detective Murphy: And you didn't see anybody doing anything strange?

Davis Myers: No, everybody was normal. I didn't see some wacko tossing body parts in the lake. That's what y'all are after, isn't it?

Detective Murphy: Do you know anything about that?

Davis Myers: Yeah. I know you're making me stay in town because it seems like every couple of days, y'all are finding more parts, and you don't know where they're coming from.

Detective Murphy: Do you know?

Davis Myers: Hell, no, I don't know. If you'd have let me leave when I wanted to, I wouldn't have even been here when you found all that business at the park, and you'd know it wasn't me. This is all your fault.

Detective Parker: Let's talk about when you were in Tupelo. What did you do there?

Davis Myers: I told you before. I went to the birthplace, Tupelo Hardware, a couple of museums, things like that.

Detective Parker: Did you ever go to the Sweetgum Lounge?

Davis Myers: I don't think so.

Detective Parker: Did you meet this man while you were in Tupelo?

Davis Myers: No. Hey, that's the dead guy.

Detective Parker: What dead guy?

Davis Myers: The one you've been looking for. The one whose parts you keep finding all over town.

Detective Parker: How do you know it's him?

Davis Myers: Everyone thinks so, probably even you. You just won't say so

Detective Murphy: But did you ever meet him? He was staying in the room next to yours at the Rebel Inn.

Davis Myers: No. I think I'd remember that.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Davis Myers: Because the guy got hacked up.

Detective Murphy: You think.

Davis Myers: Yeah, I think.

Detective Parker: Did you see anyone visiting Mr. Knight while he was in the room next to yours?

Davis Myers: No, ma'am, I never did. I never even saw him. I only heard him pounding the walls like I told you before.

Detective Parker: And you didn't stroll over to Mr. Knight's room and pay him a visit yourself?

Davis Myers: No, after that guy stopped pounding on the wall, I didn't see no reason to visit him.

Detective Parker: What would you say if I told you we have a witness who saw you there?

Davis Myers: I'd say someone's jerking your chain. Anyone who says they saw me visit him is nothing but a liar.

Detective Murphy: I hope that's true for your sake. I think we're done with you, Mr. Myers.

Davis Myers: Thank you, ma'am. I guess I'll be heading for New Orleans then.

Detective Parker: We may need to talk to you again.

Davis Myers: Come on! How about I give you my cell number? Then you can call me on the road if you need me again. Hell, I'll even come back if you want me to. But I just can't keep hanging around here. I'm going to run out of money before I ever get to New Orleans.

Detective Parker: As I told you last time, we'd like you to stay around while we're still investigating. If you leave town without telling us, that's not going to look good for you. You understand?

Davis Myers: Yeah, I hear you. This sucks.

Interview ended – 11:41 a.m.



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