Kyle Parker was walking a dog at Lamar Park when the dog led him to a bag of human remains.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.

Monday, August 28, 2017 – 11:15 a.m.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Kyle Parker

Detective Parker: Nice to see you again, Mr. Parker. For the record, please state your name and address.

Kyle Parker: Come on now, Erin. We know each other well enough at this point. You can use my first name.

Detective Parker: Just your name and address, please.

Kyle Parker: Okay. My name is Kyle Parker, and I live at 180 Courthouse Square.

Detective Parker: So you've had quite the morning, haven't you?

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Kyle Parker: That's for sure. It's not every day that a dog drags you over to a bag of body parts. That's what it was, right? Body parts?

Detective Murphy: You know, Kyle, I just don't see you as a dog person.

Kyle Parker: I have enough love for all living things. Okay, Sam. You know me so well. Daisy's not my dog. I was doing a favor for a friend.

Detective Murphy: At eight o'clock in the morning?

Kyle Parker: I'm a very giving person.

Detective Murphy: And the fact that the dog is really cute and likely to get the attention of attractive women in the park?

Kyle Parker: Why, Sam, I didn't know that your mind worked like that. You don't have to be jealous. You know that.

Detective Murphy: Yeah, yeah. Moving on. Tell us what happened this morning.

Kyle Parker: Well, Daisy and I got to the park just before 8:00. We walked around the lake, chatted with a few people.

Detective Parker: Daisy was chatting too?

Kyle Parker: Well, to be honest, Daisy was more interested in sniffing and exploring, until one of the ladies bent down to pet her, of course.

Detective Parker: It was just the ladies, wasn't it?

Kyle Parker: I can't help who Daisy's attracted to, can I?

Detective Murphy: And was Daisy attracted to the bag too?

Kyle Parker: I guess so. She's not a big dog, but once she got wind of it, I guess she had to see it. She pulled me off the path and out to where the bag was.

Detective Murphy: Are you telling me that little dog is stronger than you, Kyle?

Kyle Parker: Of course not, but I didn't know where she was going or what she chasing, so I didn't see any harm in letting her do her thing. At first.

Detective Parker: And then?

Kyle Parker: Well, when I got closer, I could smell … something bad, you know. And after what happened last week, I knew it was probably something I probably didn't want to see.

Detective Murphy: What happened last week?

Kyle Parker: Sam, I'm always interested in what you do. I saw on the news that you found that bag of body parts in the park last week.

Detective Murphy: But you went to the park anyway, even in spite of that?

Kyle Parker: This is Oxford. That sort of thing doesn't happen here. I mean, who would've thought anyone would find more body parts there?

Detective Parker: So you smelled something bad. Then what?

Kyle Parker: Well, Daisy was pulling at the bag, and I think she tore it open because the smell got worse, and that's when I pulled her away. I thought about calling you guys directly, of course, but I didn't want to impose on our relationship, so I called 911.

Detective Parker: Did you see anyone else on or near the peninsula?

Kyle Parker: No.

Detective Parker: And that was the first time you saw the bag?

Kyle Parker: Yes, it was. You don't think I had anything to do with this, do you? I mean, you know me well enough by now. I don't get involved in murder.

Detective Murphy: Kyle, remind me how we met.

Kyle Parker: After Philip Fontaine's murder.

Detective Murphy: And after we arrested Philip Fontaine's killer, when was the next time we met?

Kyle Parker: Ooh, after Annette Wyatt was killed. I like this game.

Detective Murphy: Right. And even though you didn't kill either one of those two people, somehow you keep ending up murder-adjacent. Can you explain that?

Kyle Parker: I have not had an easy life. Bad things always seem to happen to me.

Detective Murphy: Yes, we've heard your sob story before. Can you explain why you are involved in yet another murder?

Kyle Parker: You know what happened to my parents, Sam. That's why I always tell you, I would never get involved with murder.

Detective Parker: All right. Fine. How about this? Do you know an Oscar Knight?

Kyle Parker: That's the guy you're looking for, right? I saw the poster.

Detective Parker: Yes, but do you know him?

Kyle Parker: Can't say as I do.

Detective Parker: How about Joey Beecher?

Kyle Parker: Are you kidding? Yeah, I know him. He used to work for Philip Fontaine.

Detective Parker: Have you seen him lately?

Kyle Parker: Not since poor Mr. Fontaine was murdered.

Detective Parker: How about Joey's wife, Stacy? Do you know her? I mean, since you have a special connection with the ladies.

Kyle Parker: I can't help that women are drawn to me, Erin. But to answer your question, no, I didn't know Stacy before, but I think I've seen her around town.

Detective Parker: Oh, she's not one of your clients?

Kyle Parker: No, I think I've seen her at The Roadhouse.

Detective Murphy: The Roadhouse? You still using The Roadhouse to cover your trysts?

Kyle Parker: No. That was Ashley's thing, not mine. And I haven't seen Ashley in a while. Her focus is on other interests.

Detective Parker: Ooh, leaving you free to see Stacy Beecher.

Kyle Parker: I haven't seen Stacy Beecher. I barely know her.

Detective Parker: And why would we believe you?

Kyle Parker: Look, I've always been honest about my relationships in the past. Why would I lie now? Besides, you know that Stacy couldn't afford me. As a trainer.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Kyle. Do you know Gavin Price or Davis Myers?

Kyle Parker: The names don't sound familiar. Look, how many names are you going to ask me about anyway? As much as I enjoy spending time with you lovely ladies, I do have other things I need to do today.

Detective Murphy: Oh, we know you're a busy man, Kyle. I'll hurry this up. For you. But just for fun, what were you doing that evening?

Kyle Parker: Ooh, I was out of town that weekend with a friend.

Detective Murphy: Can your friend confirm this?

Kyle Parker: Sam, you know that my friends like to be discreet.

Detective Parker: Presumably, she'd like to enjoy your company again sometime. It was a she, wasn't it?

Kyle Parker: Yes.

Detective Parker: And if she's interested in having you train her again, she'd be willing to corroborate your alibi.

Kyle Parker: If you're discreet.

Detective Murphy: Aren't we always? Here you go, Kyle. Just write down her name, address and phone numbers.

Detective Parker: Did you see anything else unusual at the park this morning? Other than the bag?

Kyle Parker: Just the lovely ladies of Oxford.

Detective Parker: That it?

Kyle Parker: I did see a Bad Boy with a Springer front end.

Detective Parker: A what?

Kyle Parker: A Harley. A motorcycle.

Detective Murphy: What made you notice it? Was a woman riding it?

Kyle Parker: Sam, don't be like that. It was a guy. And I noticed it for the same reason anyone would notice it. It had quite a roar.

Detective Murphy: Okay, so what did the guy look like?

Kyle Parker: I wasn't looking at the guy. I was looking at the bike.

Detective Murphy: You can't tell us anything about him? Did you see his face?

Kyle Parker: He had a helmet on. Sorry.

Detective Murphy: Have you ever seen the motorcycle before?

Kyle Parker: That particular one? I don't know. But I have seen a motorcycle around town a couple times over the last week or so. What are the odds that there are two of them in town?

Detective Murphy: Okay, Kyle. Is there anything else that you know about the body parts or Oscar Knight that you're not telling us?

Kyle Parker: I have bared my soul to you, like always.

Detective Murphy: We'll see. Thanks for coming in, Kyle. We'll let you go right now because we know you're so busy.

Kyle Parker: Then that's it? We're not going to spend any more time together?

Detective Parker: That's it for now. If we have any more questions, we know where to find you.

Kyle Parker: Yeah, you do.

Interview ended – 11:44 a.m.

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Wait, I just don't get why the cops weren't interested in the motorcycle! If they know one of the suspects has a motorcyle, why didn't they want to know about it? The man, Kyle, was almost yelling "I KNOW DETAILS ABOUT THE MOTORCYCLE", and the...

Wait, I just don't get why the cops weren't interested in the motorcycle! If they know one of the suspects has a motorcyle, why didn't they want to know about it? The man, Kyle, was almost yelling "I KNOW DETAILS ABOUT THE MOTORCYCLE", and the detectives didn't care.

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