Caleb Hamilton works at Lamar Park

Caleb Hamilton bio

Caleb Hamilton was born on April 2, 1980, at home in Oxford to Franklyn and Annabelle Hamilton. His parents had decided before they were married that they wanted three children, but after a couple of years, they changed their minds when they came to the conclusion they would never be able to afford more than one.

Caleb's father worked for the city and Annabelle cleaned houses, so Caleb learned at a young age that there would be no brothers or sisters for him. But he got enough attention from his family that he didn't miss companionship.

After graduating from high school, Caleb worked at the local McDonald's for two years. He always thought that he would be a big baseball star. He played in the Little League and then on to the high school team, but he wasn't good enough to go any further.

Franklyn helped Caleb get a job working for the city when one of the other workers died in a fire. He has been working for the city for 17 years and is content with what he does and knows the city of Oxford and Yoknapatawpha County like the back of his hand.

Caleb is married to the former Odella Robinson, who he met at the Oxford Public Library, where she works as a librarian. They have four children and live just down the block from Caleb's parents, who often babysit their grandchildren whom they adore.



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