Raquel Santos works as a housekeeper at the Rebel Inn

Raquel Santos

Sunday, August 20, 2017 – 3:04 p.m.

Raquel Santos first reported finding the finger in Room 120 of the Rebel Inn to her boss, Rick Crawford. 

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her in a vacant guest room at the Rebel Inn.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Raquel Santos

Detective Murphy: Ms. Santos, nice to see you again. This is Detective Parker.

Raquel Santos: I can't believe this. I can't believe I have to talk to you people again.

Detective Murphy: It's a delight for us too. Why don't we just get to it? Please tell us your name and address for the record.

Raquel Santos: My name is Raquel Santos, and I live at 594 Hathorn Road.

Detective Murphy: Tell us what happened today.

Raquel Santos: I got to work around 10:30. I started cleaning rooms around 11:00. I got to 120 about 12:30, I guess. I knocked on the door. No one answered, so I used my passkey to unlock the door. I called out in case the guest was asleep or in the bathroom and didn't hear me the first time. No one answered, so I pulled my cart in and turned around to see what kind of state the room was in. That's when I saw the stain.

Detective Parker: Do you clean the same rooms every day?

Raquel Santos: No. I usually work on the first floor, but not always. Depends on who's working.

Detective Parker: How do you decide which rooms to clean first?

Raquel Santos: I start with the ones that don't have "Do Not Disturb" signs on them.

Detective Parker: Was there a "Do Not Disturb" sign on Room 120?

Raquel Santos: No. I wouldn't have gone in if there was.

Detective Parker: Okay. Did you notice anything unusual when you went in the room? Other than the stain.

Raquel Santos: The bed was still made like no one slept there. Yesterday, the room was a mess.

Detective Murphy: You remember the condition of every room day to day?

Raquel Santos: Yeah, I live to memorize the details of my job.

Detective Murphy: Sarcasm will only make this take longer. Did something make you remember what the room was like yesterday?

Raquel Santos: Fine. Yesterday, the guest was in the room when I got there. He hit on me, okay? Offered me a big tip.

Detective Murphy: And?

Raquel Santos: And he was a pig. He wasn't the first guest to act like that. I just did my job and ignored him.

Detective Parker: So when you went in today, you saw a stain?

Raquel Santos: Yeah, a big stain in the middle of the floor.

Detective Parker: Could you tell what it was?

Raquel Santos: No, I went over to take a closer look and decide what to use to clean it up, and that's when I saw the finger. I backed off, got my cart and got out of there. I left the cart in the hall and went to tell my boss to call the cops.

Detective Murphy: Who's your boss these days, Ms. Santos?

Raquel Santos: Rick Crawford. You met him. Nice kid.

Detective Murphy: And what did he say when you told him about the finger?

Raquel Santos: He asked me if I was kidding. I said no. He called you. The end.

Detective Murphy: That's not quite the end though, is it?

Raquel Santos: Not technically, I guess. Rick sent me back to stand outside the room until the cops got here like someone was going to try to get in or something.

Detective Parker: Did anyone try to get in?

Raquel Santos: No, not till the cop showed up.

Detective Parker: Did you go back in?

Raquel Santos: No.

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyone in the hall while you were waiting?

Raquel Santos: No. The guy in 119 opened his door when the cop got there. Probably just wanted to see what was going on. He didn't come out.

Detective Parker: Do you know his name?

Raquel Santos: No. Rick can tell you.

Detective Murphy: Thank you, Ms. Santos. For now, please keep the details of what you saw in that room to yourself, okay?

Raquel Santos: Yeah, like anybody's going to ask me.

Detective Murphy: Ms. Santos.

Raquel Santos: Okay, fine. I won't tell anyone.

Detective Parker: Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation. If you think of anything else, please give us a call. You're free to go now.

Interview ended – 3:32 p.m.

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It's very suspicious that she was cleaning the room the day before and the guy was hitting on her, gives her the reason to cut his finger everything off, and she did it when she wasn't on her shift

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I believe Raquel is a very reliable individual, she appears to be a very honest person

  Dr Isaiah Otis Reid JD Law Student
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