Stephanie Woolworth, Kitten Sack bassistStephanie Woolworth was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 11, 1987, in a large extended family. Her father was a brick mason, and her mother managed a department store. Stephanie has a younger brother, Mason, who is 17 and still lives in Baltimore.

Stephanie went to college in Nashville, where she studied music for two years before dropping out. She tagged along with a friend who toured with The Offpsring, one of whose members she allegedly dated for some time. However, the straight life wasn't for Stephanie. She left the Offspring tour and took up with a caravan of bisexuals who traversed the country in search of themselves.

Woolworth's search for an identity led her to Oxford in 2011. She quickly became friends with Callie Shivers, and soon joined Shivers and two other girls, Elke Seghers and Lola Cox, in Oxford's first and only all-girl punk rock band, Kitten Sack.

Today, she works at The End of All Music and plays bass in Kitten Sack.

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