Louis L. Watson was born on July 5, 1974. His parents, Richard and Tamsen Watson, were very pleased to have a son. They had no more children born to them.

Louis grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Both of his parents worked in the courthouse there. Louis's father called the courthouse "the palace of justice."

As Louis grew up, he spent a lot of time in the courthouse with his parents and learned the ins and outs of the different offices. He excelled in school and, when he was old enough, he would sit in the courtrooms to hear the cases that were being conducted. He loved the entire scenery and knew that he wanted to become an attorney.

Louis chose to attend the University Of Mississippi School Of Law. When he graduated, he set up an office in Oxford and began taking cases. The first case he won, he received a huge settlement and used it to buy a liquor store in Oxford. It was located close to the University, and he knew he would make a lot of money.

He met Jane Ann Curtiss, who was a clerk at the liquor store and after dating for a year and a half, he asked her for her hand in marriage, and she accepted. They have no children.

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