March 27, 2011

Oxford Eagle

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Virginia Brooks was arrested this morning in connection with the murder of her husband, former Yoknapatawpha County District Attorney Spenser Brooks.

Virginia Brooks confessed to fatally shooting her husband at Wall Doxey Park the morning of January 31 after forensic evidence found at the crime scene and on the victim's home computer tied her to the murder, according to Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Elizabeth Jones.

"We who knew and worked with Spenser Brooks are shocked by this stunning revelation," said Jill Ross, who has assumed the role of district attorney since Brooks's death. "I've met Mrs. Brooks and enjoyed talking with her at departmental functions, and could never imagine her capable of such a calculating and brazen act. We're all shocked."

Attempts to reach Wesley Brooks, son of Spenser and Virginia, at the family's Oxford residence yesterday evening were unsuccessful.

The victim's brother, Byron Brooks, who lives in Grand Junction, Tennessee, asked the media to respect the family's privacy. He said his mother, Margery Brooks, 96, died earlier this week, and Wesley Brooks was deeply affected by losing both his father and his grandmother within such a short period of time period.

Virginia Brooks is being held without bail pending arraignment, according to Jones.

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