Wednesday, March 2, 2011-8:23 a.m.

Gene Collins is a 41 year old, Caucasian male and subject of a probe. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff’s Department and was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with witness’ knowledge and consent.

  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Gene Collins
  • Attorney Sarah Martin

Detective Murphy: Good morning Mr. Collins .

Gene Collins: Well if it isn’t Batman and Robin-ette! Where’s the coffee and donuts. And just for the record, its ALDERMAN Collins thank you. In case you can’t tell I really don’t appreciate being dragged down here again. I’m a busy man and don’t have time for this. This is my lawyer Sarah Martin.

Detective Murphy: Good morning Sarah, it’s nice to see you.

Sarah Martin: Thank you detective. I want to apologize for my client.

Detective Murphy: I appreciate that counselor. You’ve obtained council Mr. Collins. That’s your right. Let the record show that Ms. Sarah Martin is council for Mr. Gene Collins. Before we begin we’ll need your name and address for the record sir.

Gene Collins: As you well know my name is Gene Collins and I live at 810 Lincoln Avenue, Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: You look more relaxed today Mr. Collins. Feeling a little less pressure since the DA’s demise?

Sarah Martin: You don’t have to answer that Gene.

Gene Collins: I want to Sarah. I gotta admit the DA’s office hasn’t bothered me at all lately. That SOB Brook’s was out to get me no matter what. He didn’t care if a person was innocent or not. All he gave a damn about was getting a conviction. The guy that knocked him off did me a favor. I’m glad he’s dead. He got what was coming to him.

Detective Murphy: Are you that guy?

Sarah Martin: My client is not going to answer that question.

Detective Armstrong: What about the new DA? Is Jill Ross following you like a mad dog?

Gene Collins: Ross seems to have found a new cause. She doesn’t seem that interested anymore. I’m a small fish and she wants a trophy fish. She’s more interested in the new liquor regulations than pursuing my case. Seems she and Attorney Watson have become pals. Maybe you should check them out instead of wasting my time. They both had their reasons to want Brooks’s dead.

Detective Armstrong: And just what would their reasons be?

Gene Collins: Like I told you before; she wanted that DA’s job and Louis Watson owns a liquor store. With Brooks dead they’d both have the chance to get what they wanted.

Detective Armstrong: That’s an interesting theory but it seems to me you had just as much reason to see him dead, if not more. As you know the DA was killed at Wall Doxey Park. I’ve been told you spend a fair amount of time at that Park.

Gene Collins: Yeah I’ve been to the Park a few times. I go there to walk off stress caused by the idiots I have to deal with every day. I’d say it’s a sight better than sitting in a patrol car scoffing down donuts.

Detective Armstrong: We have it from a good source that you go there quite often. I’ll bet you know the park real well Mr. Collins. And I don’t mind telling you that we think you went to the park that day for the sole purpose of killing the DA! Alderman Collins…did you kill District Attorney Brooks?

Sarah Martin: Alright that’s enough more than enough detective. If you have enough evidence to charge my client then go right ahead. But seeing as you don’t, we won’t stand for this line of questioning. This interview is over.

Detective Armstrong: You can go now Mr. Collins but I wouldn’t leave town if I were you...and you might want to stay out of Wall Doxy Park.

Gene Collins: And pass up another chance to see the Dynamic Dum-Dums in action? I wouldn’t miss it!

Interview ended: 9:15 a.m.

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