Leroy Marcus Cook was born March 20, 1976 to Terrance and Yolanda Cook. At the time of Leroy's birth, Yolanda worked at a department store as a cashier, and Terrance worked for a local trucking company with high hopes of someday owning his own trucking outfit. He now owns and operates the same small company he once worked for.

The Cooks had planned to have three children but, due to complications, Leroy was their only child. He was a happy child and had lots of friends to play with in his neighborhood. All his pals called him Roy, and the nickname stuck. His parents couldn't afford everything they wanted for their son but they did the best they could.

During his elementary school years Roy discovered the difference between kids with wealthy parents and kids that didn't have much. He envied those rich kids and wanted the things they had. When Roy turned 13 he and two of his friends stole money from the teacher's desk but nothing could be proved. Roy's thirst for material things grew throughout his teen years and extended into his high school years where he and his gang of friends continued their life of crime. They started smoking pot and soon discovered there was good money in the cannabis trade. It wasn't long before Roy was arrested for possession and sale of marijuana.

Roy was sent to a juvenile detention center for six weeks. That's where he met Kyle Ferguson. Kyle was a big know-it-all that was just a few years older than he, and Roy really didn't care much for him. Ferguson served his time was let out a couple of days after Roy arrived. Roy served his time and, when he came back, he told his parents he had learned his lesson and promised he would never do or sell drugs again. It was a struggle, but Roy finally managed to finish high school.

After graduation he worked at several odd jobs and generally stayed out of trouble. He passed his time working at a service station and taking short trips to Wall Doxey Park on his days off. He liked the beautiful scenery and he loved getting away from work. The park seemed like a great place to work.

During one conversation with the local park ranger, he discovered a high school diploma and a little luck could get you a job collecting fees at the park gate or working at the camp grounds. He applied the very next day but there were no openings. Volunteering until a job came open was an option, so on his one day off from the service station Roy worked the grounds at the park. He loved his volunteer work and finally was hired on to collect fees at the park gate.

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