Wesley Scott Brooks was born to Spenser and Virginia Brooks on January 10, 1992. Wesley grew up in a well-to-do neighborhood and had lots of friends. Between his parents and grandparents, he had everything a boy could want.

Wesley was taught to respect others by his mother and his father and grandfather taught him to always strive for the things he wanted in life. Wesley was an excellent student, just like his father and grandfather (Fitzgerald), and Wesley worked hard to keep his name on the honor roll. His dream was to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and become an investment banker. He knew his father wanted him to go into law, but he simply didn't have the passion for it. His mother always taught him to do what was in his heart and that's what he planned to do.

Wesley loved his summers doing things with his parents and visiting his grandparents, the Dillons in Tupelo. During his high school years he excelled in sports and was well liked by his teammates. He dated several girls but none seriously.

It was during his senior year that he met and fell in love with a transfer student from Knoxville, Tennessee. They seemed to have everything going for them. They applied to different colleges and both were accepted at several prominent out of state schools but Wesley's heart was in Oxford. After graduation, he decided to stay at Ole Miss but she chose to attend college at Stanford University. It broke his heart to see her go.

While the couple tried to maintain a long distance relationship, after a few months she decided to break things off. He was heartbroken but decided not to let their break-up affect his future, and he still maintains a 4.0 GPA average.

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