Born in Oxford, Ms, on November 28, 1973 to Joseph and Rowena Ferguson; Kyle Ferguson was named after his grandfather. He had an older brother named Joseph, Jr., named after the their father.

As a child Kyle noticed that his family didn’t have the nice things other families did. His family moved around a lot and the houses they rented were little more than shacks. By the time Kyle started school, he knew he didn’t want anyone in school to ever see where he lived so he never brought friends home with him; he always went home with them.

Kyle looked up to his older brother Joe, and imitated him as much as he could. Joe hated his home life and was ashamed of their parents.

The boys' father had many jobs and only worked long enough for a paycheck so he could go to the bars, get drunk and play poker. He didn’t give Rowena enough money to keep food in the house, so Joe stole it. He taught Kyle to do the same thing.

When Kyle was in high school he got in with the wrong crowd and after stealing drugs from the local pharmacy he ended up in Juvenile Detention. While there he learned how to set up a lab and make meth. When he got out of detention, he set up his own lab and sold meth. He wasn’t poor anymore. But he didn’t count on getting caught. And he didn’t for a long time.

When Kyle was 30 years old, he bragged about the lab he had and one of the people he told went to the D.A. and reported him.

Oxford District Attorney Brooks went after Kyle, and Kyle was caught running the meth lab and sent to Mississippi State Prison. He served 8 years there. He is now back in Oxford, living at the present time with friends.

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