Wednesday February 9, 2011-12:05 p.m.

Gene Collins is a 41-year-old, Caucasian male and subject of a probe by the District Attorney's Office in Oxford. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with witness's knowledge and consent.

  • Detective Armstrong
  • Detective Murphy
  • Gene Collins

Gene Collins: Busy is an understatement so I hope this won't take too long. I've got appointments I have to keep. I'm Alderman Gene Collins and I live at 810 Lincoln Avenue, right here in little old Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Collins, we'll do our best to get you to your appointment on time. I'm sure you know why you're here.

Gene Collins: Let's see, Spenser Brooks takes a bullet in the head and I get an invitation to chat with Batman and Robin-ette. I assure you I had nothing to do with that, and please ... call me Alderman!

Detective Armstrong: So ... Mr. Collins ... exactly how well did you and District Attorney Brooks get along?

Gene Collins: Couldn't stand the SOB; arrogant and cocky to a fault. That guy was something else, or at least HE thought so.

Detective Armstrong: So you and the DA weren't exactly BFFs. How about telling us why?

Gene Collins: I'll tell you why. Besides being a jerk, that punk Brooks accused me of taking bribes. He had people following me, phoning me and harassing me. His people are only interested in cheap character assassination. I assure you I haven't done anything wrong.

Detective Armstrong: Did you talk to the DA about this alleged harassment?

Gene Collins: Sure, I tried, but he didn't want to listen. All he cared about was how many convictions he could get.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anyone else you can think of that may have wanted to kill the DA?

Gene Collins: How about half the city of Oxford and a couple neighboring towns as well? Most people didn't like him one bit. He never gave a damn about justice. All he wanted was another notch in his gun and to hell with whether the person was guilty or not. And I certainly hope you're going to check out Assistant DA Jill Ross.

Detective Armstrong: Why do you think she wanted him dead?

Gene Collins: She wanted to be the DA so bad she could taste it. Now that Brooks is dead and gone, it's her job to take. She's like a mad dog when she wants something. I ought to know. She's harassed me enough.

Detective Armstrong: What about you, Mr. Collins? Didn't you want DA Brooks dead? Sounds like you had plenty of reasons of your own. Where were you the day the DA was murdered?

Gene Collins: I'm appalled by your accusations. I had nothing to do with Brooks's death. If you're going to accuse me of the crime, you can just talk to my lawyer. Far as I'm concerned this interview is over. I'm out of here, Batman!

Interview ended: 12:43 p.m.

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