Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 12:02 pm

Jill Ross is a 36-year-old, white female, who was Senior Assistant DA to the victim. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness’s knowledge and consent.

  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Jillian J. Ross

Detective Armstrong: Please state your name and current address for the record.

Jill Ross: Thank you. My name is Jillian Ross but please call me Jill. My address is 390 Elm Street, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: How long have you lived in Oxford, Jill?

Jill Ross: (sigh) All my life.

Detective Armstrong: Sounds like you aren't too happy to be here?

Jill Ross: Honestly, I have wanted to get out of here most of my life. That is the plan anyway.

Detective Murphy: I realize that in light of Spenser's death, you will now fill his shoes and are Oxford's new District Attorney.

Jill Ross: Fill his shoes? I think not. I should have been the DA all along. Now that I am I fully intend to use this opportunity as a stepping-stone to the national scene and then on to politics. My ticket out of here.

Detective Armstrong: Sounds like the death of the DA has been a good thing for you then?

Jill Ross: You could say that.

Detective Murphy: How did you get along with Spenser?

Jill Ross: Neutral. We certainly were not each other's favorites. As a matter of fact, I couldn't stand the man but trust me on this; I was not the only one. We have been working diligently on the corruption probe on Alderman Collins. Any one of Collin's people or even Collins himself benefited from Spenser's death.

Detective Murphy: You say you weren't the only person who "couldn't stand" Brooks. Surely he had friends in the department?

Jill Ross: I cannot name a single one.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you the day Mr. Brooks was killed?

Jill Ross: I was at home, alone.

Detective Armstrong: Hmm, no alibi. Interesting.

Jill Ross: That's true. I have no one who can vouch for my whereabouts on that day. I assure you I was at home and nowhere near Wall Doxey Park. I was working in my home office all day, drawing up indictments actually. I do believe that I can point you in the proper direction of who had a motive though, if you are interested.

Detective Armstrong: Oh, we are definitely interested.

Jill Ross: I have heard that a recently released prisoner told fellow prisoners that when he got out he would get his revenge on the DA who sent him to jail. I know for a fact that that DA was our Spenser Brooks.

Detective Armstrong: Do you happen to know the prisoner's name?

Jill Ross: Of course I do, it is Kyle Ferguson.

Detective Armstrong: Oh yes, I remember that case. He said pretty much that same thing as they were leading him out of the courtroom the day he was convicted.

Jill Ross: Listen, I have to be at a special session of the circuit court at one. I should be heading that way. May I leave?

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for the information. One more question and you can go.

Jill Ross: Okay.

Detective Armstrong: Where was your vehicle on the day that Brooks was killed?

Jill Ross: It was sitting in my driveway all day. Good day to you both.

Interview ends: 12:37 pm

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