Young man with short dark hair and a bearded man with a receding hairlineWednesday, July 26, 2023 – 5:45 p.m.

After reviewing the crime lab's findings in light of other evidence and witness statements, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy asked Richard Brown and Cody Brown to come back into the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department for another interview.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Cody Brown
  • Richard Brown

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for coming in again, Cody. Mr. Brown, thank you for joining us.

Cody Brown: Does my dad have to be here?

Detective Armstrong: We just thought it would be a good idea this time. Would you please state your name and address for us again?

Cody Brown: My name is Cody Brown, and I live at 202 Williams Avenue.

Detective Armstrong: And you, Mr. Brown?

Richard Brown: Richard Brown, same address.

Detective Armstrong: Now, just one more thing we need to take care of, and then we can get started. This form is a waiver. It says you know you don't have to talk to us if you don't want to and that you can have an attorney here with us if you'd like to.

Cody Brown: Like on TV?

Detective Armstrong: You've probably seen something similar on TV.

Richard Brown: Is this really necessary? He doesn't know anything. I don't know any more than I've already told you.

Detective Armstrong: I don't make the rules, sir. The brass tells me we need the form. I give you the form.

Richard Brown: Working for the government must be so rewarding.

Detective Armstrong: Yes, sir. Now, if you're willing to go ahead with our conversation, we just need you to sign here, Mr. Brown.

Richard Brown: Fine. Whatever it takes to move this along.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you. And we have another form here that covers Cody.

Richard Brown: Yes, all right. Is there any more paperwork?

Detective Armstrong: No, sir.

Richard Brown: Then can we get on with it?

Detective Armstrong: Happy to. Cody, a lot of people have told us how close you were to your sister.

Cody Brown: So?

Detective Armstrong: She helped you get to play the school mascot, right?

Cody Brown: Yeah, she said I was good at it.

Richard Brown: Hmph.

Detective Armstrong: Something to add, Mr. Brown?

Richard Brown: No.

Cody Brown: He thinks being the mascot is stupid.

Detective Armstrong: Is that what you think?

Cody Brown: No. I like it. I get to support the school and get the crowd all excited for the games. It's fun.

Detective Armstrong: And Katy thought so too?

Cody Brown: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: Did you and Katy have any disagreements lately?

Cody Brown: No. Why would we?

Detective Murphy: We heard that she wanted to help you become more independent from her this year.

Cody Brown: What does that mean? Who told you that?

Detective Murphy: She knew how much you counted on her, and she wanted to make sure you'd be okay when she went away to college next year.

Cody Brown: No. She wouldn't push me away like that.

Richard Brown: Hmph.

Detective Murphy: Are you all right, Mr. Brown? Can we get you some water or coffee?

Richard Brown: I'm fine. Let's just keep this moving.

Detective Murphy: Have you ever seen this, Cody?

Cody Brown: That's Katy's diary. You shouldn't be looking at that. It's private.

Detective Murphy: You looked at it, didn't you?

Cody Brown: No.

Detective Murphy: Then why were your fingerprints on it?

Richard Brown: Were you spying on Katy?

Cody Brown: No!

Detective Murphy: That's how you found out that she wanted you to stop hanging onto her so much and be more independent.

Cody Brown: I'm independent!

Richard Brown: Hmph.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Brown.

Richard Brown: What?

Detective Armstrong: Cody, have you ever been in the athletic equipment storage area at the high school?

Cody Brown: Yeah, that's where I used to keep the mascot costume until Tim started messing with it.

Detective Armstrong: How was he messing with it?

Cody Brown: He put things in the head.

Detective Armstrong: Like what?

Cody Brown: Dirty socks, jock straps, one time he put eggs in there. It made a huge mess. That's when Coach Puskus started keeping the costume locked in her office.

Richard Brown: Oh, for crying out loud.

Detective Armstrong: So you don't go into that storage area anymore?

Cody Brown: I do sometimes if the cheerleaders need help getting stuff out of there.

Detective Armstrong: What kind of stuff?

Cody Brown: Pompoms, batons, whatever they're using.

Detective Armstrong: Do they keep their uniforms in there too?

Cody Brown: Um, I don't know. I guess, maybe? Sometimes?

Detective Armstrong: We found a uniform in there that had trace amounts of blood on it. How could that have happened, do you think?

Cody Brown: I don't know. Sometimes they get hurt when they're practicing something new. Maybe that's how.

Detective Armstrong: Do they usually wear their uniforms when they're practicing something new?

Cody Brown: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: During our investigation, we found out that some of the cheerleaders have practice batons at home. Did Katy have one of those?

Cody Brown: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Do you know where she kept it?

Richard Brown: In her bedroom.

Cody Brown: No, Dad, in the garage.

Richard Brown: He doesn't know what he's talking about. She kept those things in her room.

Detective Murphy: Actually, sir, we did find a baton in your garage but not one in Katy's room.

Cody Brown: See?

Richard Brown: If it was in the garage, then you must've put it there. Katy wouldn't leave her things all over the place like that.

Detective Murphy: Is that what happened, Cody? Did you leave the baton in the garage?

Cody Brown: No. Why would I have her baton?

Detective Murphy: We did find your fingerprints on it, along with Katy's.

Cody Brown: I helped her carry her stuff all the time. It doesn't mean I'm the one who left it in the garage.

Richard Brown: It must've been you. I don't know why she trusted you with her stuff when you were so careless with it.

Detective Murphy: Cody, we also found a little bit of blood on that baton. Did Katy ever get hurt with that baton?

Cody Brown: When they were practicing tosses, sometimes they'd miss, and the baton would hit them. Is that what you mean?

Detective Murphy: Were any of them ever injured doing that?

Cody Brown: Not really. They might get a fat lip or a little bit of a bloody nose if the baton hit them just right.

Richard Brown: Katy got a bloody nose?

Cody Brown: I didn't say that, Dad. I just said it could happen. Calm down.

Detective Murphy: So if that's Katy's blood on that baton, that's probably how it happened?

Cody Brown: I guess so. I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: How's your vision, Cody?

Cody Brown: What? I don't know. Fine.

Detective Armstrong: We heard you got new contacts recently.

Cody Brown: Yeah.

Richard Brown: I don't know why we spent more money on them when you can't take care of them.

Cody Brown: I said I was sorry a million times, Dad!

Detective Armstrong: Why did you need new ones?

Richard Brown: He lost one. Can you believe it? How does that happen?

Detective Armstrong: Is that what happened, Cody? You lost one?

Cody Brown: Yeah.

Detective Armstrong: When did that happen?

Cody Brown: I don't know.

Richard Brown: How can you not know? It was just a few days ago. In the middle of this nightmare with Katy, you go and do something irresponsible like that.

Detective Armstrong: Where did you lose your contact, Cody?

Richard Brown: If he knew that, it wouldn't be lost, would it?

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Brown, please. I was asking Cody.

Cody Brown: I don't know.

Richard Brown: Of course, he doesn't.

Detective Armstrong: Do you think maybe you lost it in the woods?

Cody Brown: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: The woods behind the middle school?

Cody Brown: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: Last Saturday morning?

Richard Brown: What! You little bastard!

Detective Armstrong: Sit down, Mr. Brown.

Cody Brown: I'm not a bastard, Dad. I'm your son.

Richard Brown: You killed Katy! You're no son of mine!

Detective Murphy: Mr. Brown!

Detective Armstrong: Get your butt back down in that chair, sir! We will not permit you to strike Cody while he's in our custody.

Richard Brown: He's in my custody, not yours.

Detective Murphy: No, sir. I'm sorry, but you're incorrect. Cody Brown, you're under arrest for the murder of Katherine Brown.

Richard Brown: This is going to kill your mother. You know that, boy? How could you do this to us?

Detective Murphy: Sir, after your son is booked, he'll be transported to the youth detention center. Your attorney can meet with him there.

Richard Brown: I don't have a son. I won't be sending any attorney anywhere. If he needs a lawyer, he can get one himself.

Cody Brown: Dad!

Richard Brown: Is this the way out?

Detective Armstrong: You just sit tight, sir, and we'll get a deputy to escort you out. Cody, you come with us.

Cody Brown: Dad!

Detective Murphy: Come on, Cody.

Interview ended – 6:28 p.m.



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