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Thursday, May 5, 2022 – 11:15 a.m.

After a 30-minute break, the interview with Jenny Sadlier resumed. (See Part 1 of this interview.)


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • A.D.A. Calvin Dollarhide
  • George Bottoms, Sadlier's attorney
  • Jenny Sadlier

Detective Murphy: Ms. Sadlier, are you ready to continue now?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes. I'm sorry.

Detective Murphy: You were about to tell us why you wanted to talk to us today.

Jenny Sadlier: Peter. I think he did it. He didn't really say it.

Detective Murphy: What did he say exactly?

Jenny Sadlier: He and Wendy had some big fight on the phone, and he was supposed to go down there and talk to her and get her to chill out. We just needed to stall her a little while longer, and then we were home free.

Detective Murphy: How was he going to do that?

Jenny Sadlier: He was going to drive down that Sunday. We had worked out a story and a plan. I don't understand what went wrong.

Detective Murphy: What was the plan?

Jenny Sadlier: He was going to convince her she was overworked and all agitated behind this affair she was having. Tell her he was worried about her coke habit and get her to check herself into one of those detox places. Once she was in there, it would be weeks before she would find out what had happened, and then it would be too late. You know?

Detective Armstrong: Whose idea was that? To pretend to be concerned about her so you could keep her from finding out you'd betrayed her until it was too late?

Jenny Sadlier: I don't know. I guess we came up with it together. And for the record, I didn't do anything to her that she hadn't already done to me.

Detective Murphy: That's a debate for another day. Let's get back to what happened that weekend. Why didn't Peter follow the plan?

Jenny Sadlier: I don't know! The next thing I know, I get a call from Elizabeth that Wendy is dead. And I'm like, "Oh god, what has he done?" I can't track him down. I don't know what's going on. I was freaking out.

Detective Murphy: It took us several days to identify Wendy's body because of the way it was dumped in the woods like a piece of garbage. You didn't think anything was amiss until Wendy's mother called you, even though you didn't hear from Wendy that whole time? Or by your own account, Peter either?

Jenny Sadlier: I wasn't expecting to hear from Wendy. I was expecting her to be in rehab. And it's not like Peter and I talk every day or anything.

Detective Murphy: I see. So you were freaking out after Mrs. Pane called you. What did you do?

Jenny Sadlier: I went to the funeral, hoping to find out what happened.

Detective Armstrong: Did you?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes and no. I saw Peter there, in Pittsburgh, but he was a mess and not making any sense. I finally managed to get him away, and we went for a drink.

Detective Armstrong: Did he explain what had happened?

Jenny Sadlier: No! He just kept babbling about how evil she was and that fate had done what it had to.

Detective Armstrong: Which you took to mean he had killed her?

Jenny Sadlier: I didn't know what to think.

Detective Armstrong: Did you ask him if he'd killed her?

Jenny Sadlier: I asked him what he had done, and he got this weird smile on his face and said, "I'm free, Jenny. I'm finally free."

Detective Armstrong: How did you respond?

Jenny Sadlier: I got the hell out of there. He was really freaking me out. I didn't know what was going on with him, and I just wanted to get away. I got out of town as fast as I could.

Detective Murphy: Have you talked to him since then?

Jenny Sadlier: I tried talking to him a couple of times on the phone. I wanted to know what we were going to do about the software and stuff.

Detective Murphy: What did he say?

Jenny Sadlier: He got all angry and told me that little girls who push get what they deserve. That scared me, and I backed off. After that, he wouldn't take my calls or answer my emails. I finally figured out that he was going to take all the money and all the credit for himself.

Detective Murphy: Do you know if he ever completed the deal with MegaMaxiNet Solutions?

Jenny Sadlier: Well, I just read an article last week that said they were premiering new email encryption software, so what do you think?

Detective Murphy: Is that what prompted you to contact us?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes. That and this photograph. Cute, isn't it? Me and Wendy with nooses drawn around our necks, and our eyes blacked out.

Detective Armstrong: Where did you get this?

Jenny Sadlier: I got it in the mail the other day, no return address, postmarked from Memphis.

Detective Murphy: Do you have the envelope?

George Bottoms: We gave it to Mr. Dollarhide.

Calvin Dollarhide: That's correct.

Detective Armstrong: You think this was a threat from Peter?

Jenny Sadlier: What else could it be?

Detective Armstrong: You believe he's some kind of physical threat to you?

Jenny Sadlier: Yes! I don't know what he's capable of anymore. That's why I need your help.

Detective Armstrong: Uh-huh.

Detective Murphy: If you'll bear with us, we have a few questions about your story.

Jenny Sadlier: It's not a story. It's the truth!

Detective Murphy: So you've said. Now, this plan you and Peter had to get Wendy to go to rehab and delay her finding out what you were up to, was that the first time you tried to stall her?

Jenny Sadlier: I don't know. … Fine, no, probably not.

Detective Murphy: Tell us some other ways you stalled.

George Bottoms: How is this relevant, Detective?

Detective Murphy: It's relevant, Mr. Bottoms, because it will help us determine how much of what she's telling us is accurate. The truthfulness of her statements is an essential component of her deal, isn't it?

Calvin Dollarhide: It is.

George Bottoms: Fine. But if it turns into an exercise to humiliate my client, I will put an end to it.

Detective Murphy: We'll bear that in mind. Ms. Sadlier?

Jenny Sadlier: I don't know what you want me to say. I guess I may have taken a little longer with testing than I needed to a few times.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever withhold materials from her entirely?

Jenny Sadlier: Right before she … well, I may have told her I sent her something when I hadn't yet.

Detective Murphy: Why would you do that?

Jenny Sadlier: I didn't know if Peter would be able to convince her to go to rehab. I wanted a backup plan—just in case.

Detective Armstrong: Do you have any proof to corroborate your version of events?

Jenny Sadlier: My version? I'm telling you the truth.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe you are, but you've admitted to lying on an ongoing basis, so you understand why we can't take you at your word alone.

Jenny Sadlier: What kind of proof do you want?

Detective Armstrong: Do you and Peter have a written agreement for the MegaMaxiNet deal?

Jenny Sadlier: No.

Detective Armstrong: Do you have any documentation of your conversations about the project? Emails, text messages, voicemail messages?

Jenny Sadlier: No.

Detective Armstrong: No?

Jenny Sadlier: Peter was worried that Wendy might hack our email or our phones.

Detective Armstrong: That's convenient.

George Bottoms: Detective, the sarcasm is unnecessary.

Detective Armstrong: You think so? What do you think Peter is going to say when we ask him about all of this? You think he'll say he was the mastermind? Or do you think he'll say it was all Jenny's doing? That she's the one who came up with the plan to steal the software? That it was her idea to kill Wendy? That he was just her pawn in all of this?

Jenny Sadlier: That's not true!

Detective Armstrong: Maybe it's not, but maybe it is. How can we know when you don't have any proof whatsoever?

Jenny Sadlier: I… I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Do you have anything else to tell us, Ms. Sadlier?

Jenny Sadlier: I never meant for Wendy to die. I had no idea he would do that. Really!

Detective Armstrong: Whatever you say. You're a very lucky person, you know that?

Jenny Sadlier: Why? Because I made a deal? What would you have done?

Detective Armstrong: You realize that if you've lied about anything or left anything out, that deal could be in jeopardy?

George Bottoms: That's enough, Detective. We came to you. We brought you information to help you close your case. I think that rates a little common courtesy, at least, if you can't manage respect.

Detective Armstrong: You think so, do you?

Detective Murphy: Thanks for your cooperation, Ms. Sadlier, Mr. Bottoms. We'll be in touch with you to get any other information we need. I believe Mr. Dollarhide has some additional paperwork to go over with you, so we'll leave you to it.

Calvin Dollarhide: Thank you, detectives.

Interview ended – 11:52 a.m.



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