Robert J. Carson, AKA B.J. was born on July 16, 1989.

B.J. is the only son of Joseph and Regina Carson. Joseph inherited a large estate at the passing of his parents and is financially set for life. Regina owns and operates a doggie day-care called "Paws & Whiskers."

B.J. graduated high school in 2007 and had no desire to further his education.

His parents purchase his clothes and provide him with meals, but they refuse to give him cash. They suspect he is smoking pot and do not want to contribute to that behavior. Joseph confronted Robert in early 2010 and told him to "find employment or get out."

B.J. was hired at The Theatre as a stagehand. He has been employed there for seven months. Working with the props and helping the staff to set the stage for the plays has made Robert aware that he is artistically talented. This inspired him to siign up for some night art classes.

He has been asked to paint the background at the theatre for the most recent set.


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