Deanne Sanchez married Clyde Kimbrough in the spring of 1992.

Deanne is a 45-year-old Hispanic who is self-employed. After her husband was hit by a drunk driver in early 1999 and confined to a wheelchair, she started cleaning houses to pay the bills. She hauls her supplies in her mini-van, works very hard, and has earned the respect of the people she cleans for.

Deanne cleans homes during the day and cleans businesses after they close. She has developed a great reputation for being a very fast and thorough worker. Her business grew to the point where she had to hire three employees of her own and purchase two more vans.

Before her husband's accident, Deanne baked cakes and cookies for three convenience stores and donated baked goods to the nursing home. She gave up selling to the stores to clean but continues to take brownies, cupcakes and cookies to the nursing home once a week.

Clyde and Deanne attend services every Wednesday and Sunday at The Trinity United Methodist Church. They also get together with friends every Thursday night to play cards. The extra employees allow them to continue with this social life.

Deanne began cleaning "The Theatre" in 2001.

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