Wednesday, November 23, 2011 -- 2:17 PM

The witness, Robert (B.J.) Joseph Carson, is a 22-year-old male who found the body in the mannequin bin backstage at "The Theatre" where he is employed. The interview was conducted at the Sheriff's Department and was recorded with the witness's consent and knowledge.


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Sam Murphy
  • Bob Carson

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in today. We appreciate your willingness to help us in our investigation.

Bob Carson: Yeah, you're welcome.

Detective Armstrong: For the record, would you please state your name and address?

Bob Carson: Bob Carson, and I live with my folks at 167 Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know why we asked you to come in?

Bob Carson: Yeah, you think I killed that gal I found in the dummy box.

Detective Murphy: Did you kill her?

Bob Carson: No way. I'm not a violent person. Besides that she was too beautiful to destroy.

Detective Armstrong: Did you know her, Robert?

Bob Carson: No, but I sure would have liked to have known her.

Detective Murphy: Tell us about this morning when you found her.

Bob Carson: Well, I was going backstage to gather some props, and as I passed by the storage area I saw that the door to the dummy box was open. I went over to close it and there she was. What a sight to behold. I don't know how long I stood there just looking at her. I thought she was asleep. I have heard of people sleeping with their eyes open. She just seemed to belong there somehow. It was like looking at a painting. I couldn't pull myself away. After awhile, I realized something was wrong. She wasn't breathing. I called 911 and you know the rest.

Detective Murphy: Had you ever seen her before this morning?

Bob Carson: I'm not sure. I mean, I don't know her, but she does seem familiar somehow.

Detective Armstrong: Robert, do you do drugs?

Bob Carson: I have never snorted anything, injected anything or taken any type of pills. I'm not into that stuff.

Detective Murphy: How about marijuana?

Bob Carson: Do I have to answer that question? I mean, say if I were to answer, yes, could you lock me up?

Detective Armstrong: You don't have to answer any questions if you don't want to.

Bob Carson: OK, I'd rather not answer that one then.

Detective Armstrong: Did you notice anything unusual when you found the victim?

Bob Carson: No. I didn't.

Detective Murphy: All right. I think we're finished for now. If you do happen to remember anything, please let us know.

Bob Carson: I can leave?

Detective Murphy: Yes, but we may need to speak with you again.

Bob Carson: OK, thank you. Later then.

Interview ends at 2:27 PM



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