Ben-Benthe End is nearer


The Benben is the key that opens the gateway to Universal Mind and Memory. This artifact, that predates the great Pyramid Age, was recently acquired by Ego Shovel. In 1993, a small robot named the Upnaut II, meaning the "opener of the way" in ancient Egyptian, discovered a door leading to a secret chamber underneath the Great Pyramid. At the time of this discovery, the leaders of the expedition were removed from the site, and the authorities stated that no door or chamber was found and the expedition was cancelled. EgoShovel learned that a secret team led by a physics professor from the University of Csambridge, Dave Woolworth, was appointed to lead the search. In that secret chamber was found the Benben.

the Benben

The Benben is not of this planet. It is Archean in origin, left by them in the secret chamber 12,500 years ago during their first visit to Earth. The lore of the Benben was strong in early Egypt. For a time the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Benben, makeing replicas that served as capstones for all the Pyramids. But the original Benben was quietly sitting in the secret chamber, holding the mysteries of the universe.

Although the official dating of the Pyramids and the Sphinx is 2,500 years old, recent studies of the erosion pattern suggest that it is 12,500 years old. The Archeans corroborated this fact, telling Ego Shovel that yes, they built the Pyramids and placed the Benben there. The fact that the placement of the Pyramids mirrors the skies of that century, and that archaeologists state that no civilization existed on earth at this time, lends irrefutable proof of the Archeans account.

The Archeans left the Benben for a purpose. It was to be found, at the end of the first millenium, to guide humanity to its salvation. Ego Shovel has been chosen by the Archeans to prepare and lead the people of Earth in this quest. The Benben is a magical object that records the consciousness of the universe. It is alive. It is what we call Universal Mind and Memory. It is a synchronized pulse with the pulse of the universe. Ego Shovel, with the unbeknownst help of Professor Woolworth, has learned how to restructure their DNA vibrational frequencies so that we resonate in time with that of the Benben. This is what allows us access to the U.M.M. Ego Shovel , by lacing our music with these frequencies, intends to communicate this experience to you, with the hope that all of humanity will open to the Universal MInd and Memory experience and be prepared for the coming of the Archeans,

ConvergenceBen-Benthe End is nearer