Ben-Benthe End is nearer

The CHURCH OF the EGO SHOVEL is a group of spiritual leaders and musicians dedicated to maintaining a dialogue, with a related alien race named the Archeans,concerning the past and future of the universe. This is no ordinary dialogue. It is accomplished by restructuring our DNA to encode and send messages that travel at superfast nanocosmic wavelenghts. This was not possible until the recovery of an Artifact discovered in a secret chamber underneath the Great Pyramid at Giza last year.

The messages can be "downloaded" by the receiving party as a musical pattern that instantly and completely initiates a whole understanding to the recipient. In fact, because DNA is the most basic, common feature integral to all life in the universe, we can, through this process have full and complete understanding of the Univesal Mind and Memory. Although understanding is complete, it is outside the realm of the knowable. Exploration of the Universal Mind and Memory is a tedious and exhaustive process As we learn more we will share this with you.



Our living light bodies, or Merkaba, are achieved by synchronizing our DNA vibrational wavelengths with the pulse of the Universal Mind and Memory. Above is seen representations of the Merkaba of the Archeans as seen by Ego Shovel adepts while immersed in the UMM. THe UMM is accessed through DNA encoded music, drugs that shut down our concious minds such as rohyponol, and by physical proximity to an artifact called theBenben that was recently and secretly discovered in a chamber under the Great Pyramid. The Benben is Archean in origin, lost by them in 12,500 B.C. when they were here on Earth last. Through our world wide agents, Ego Shovel has rescued the Benben from those who would exploit it's use for nefarious purposes. The secret of the Benben is our secret. Only the Adepts of the Inner Circle of the Pleasuredome are privvy to what secrets it contains.

ConvergenceBen-Benthe End is nearer