Ben-Benthe End is nearer

The End Is Here! 

The Time has Come for Us
to Begin Our Journey

It seems that Our understanding of the Universal Mind and Memory has exponentially developed to the point that We, of the Understanding, are prepared for the arrival of the Archaeans much sooner than anticipated. As we?speak? Forces are at work to coordinate the landing and soon thereafter Departure of the Archeans along with Those who have prepared themselves.  Due to the nature of the Archeans genetic "technology", this event will be and remain undetected by civilization as a whole.  The world after this galcatic diaspora will appear and essentially remain the same.  The Archeans are not judgemental, they would accept anyone who approaches. They are supersentient, yet naieve. Because the Archaeans will take All, I urge you to join Ego Shovel and be one of the First to enter the Pleasuredome .

The Time has Come!

Patterns is El Nino have provided an opportune occasion for the Archeans to land on our humble Planet  on November 15, 3:42 a.m.  Ego Shovel and all of it's members await for Our Final Salvation on this day.  All the necessary preparations that need to be followed to cleanse Oneself for the Journey can be found on this Site.  Please refer to this page often for updates and Final Preparations and to monitor Ego Shovel's progress in their Endeavor to leave this Planet forever and attain the Universal Mind and Memory in Final Communion with the Archeans.

Enter the Pleasuredome!

From the Oxford Daily News
July 18,1997
Guest columnist: Jimmy Thomas

There is a new strangeness lurking in the hallowed barrows of Oxford these days, and it is not hiding at the dark end of the street, but live onstage. After many reported sightings of the now infamous cult band Ego Shovel, hiding behind the name Sin City Redemption Band, this reporter was compelled to take part in something he was not prepared for, or even remotely aware taking place.
Sometime past midnight on July 7, just outside of Oxford at a place known asCooter's Farm , the band was warming up,with a definite feeling of electricity in the air. It was hard to tell who was the leader of the band (supposedly a character named Blano) as all the members were acting independently of each other. But this had no impact on the music: it resounded in a spiritual kaleidescope of mind altering rythm that struck at the very foundation of my soul. The swarming crowd writhed in a mesmerised trance to a song titled "Pleasuredome"- a song about a secret place that members of the cult communicated with aliens in. After this, the band took a break, retreating into a dark building stage left
Soon returning to the stage, strange looks of enlightenment upon each and every band member's face, they began chanting "We have shared the Archea, we have4 shared the Archea." At this point things were becoming out of hand. I was feeling the effects of the liquid that everone seemed to be sharing and it was rumored that the band were heavy users of the popular drug Rohyponol. A woman, topless, walked by saying,"I need your help, do you find me attractive?".I had no answer for her.
Until the early hours of dawn the band played and prayed, taking numerous breaks to retreat to that mysterious building where only a select few were allowed. Asking a wide eyed fan what the building was, all I was told was,"Not the Pleasuredome." Early that next morning, asking some of the scores of people who still remained about their experience of the show , the only reply I could get was,"I only remember being compelled by some great force and than nothing at all." Well, this reporter could about say the same.

From the Oxford Daily News
July 26, 1997


Drug Enforcement agents staged an early morning raid on the stronghold of the cult group Ego Shovel today. The group reportedly serves as a pipeline for Rohyponol, a strong narcotic whose use is rampant in Oxford. Although the cult makes no effort to hide its drug use, authorities walked out empty handed.
When cult leader Blano was asked about the raid he said, "They're looking for the Pleasuredome. Everyone wants to go there. They'll never find it, it exists outside of time and space." Also, "People are giving Ego Shovel a bad rap. Sure we take drugs-but its for a higher puyrpose. We dont deal. Somebody's settin us up and I think its some wacko scientist on campus." Lawyers for the group said a lawsuit against the DEA is in progress.

Letter from member afield: Lars

Hi again Oh Ivory Master Supreme, One Holder of the Fish. After sucking on a tne pound block of unregulated biomass archea, dredged from deepest Antarctic waters, my mind gap fell between the UMM dreams and floated upon chtonic waves upon gentle moonlit currents I found myself in touch with deepest alien ancestor repressed memory sphere which allowed me to open secret tome hidden deep in third brahmanic chakra along whale spinal column- the cleansing energy lines released a long awaited alien revival ship which through space gas and tumbling ionic blasts entered the atmosphere which is my outer consciousness and awoke there the ten sleeping prophets of grinha who now whisper through my temple

The archea mass dissolved through nasal and psionic fissures deep into earths well which is me and I am It and there is like a gigantic turbulent floating seashell did spasm and release like tender dreaming birdcap unto the highest infinite plane beyond Orion in Dogon cluster where breathes the Elders array of such infinite and lighter joy that my heart did leap into my throat and there did die unto itself and released like many jets of fine particles into atomic stardust a seminal joy unlike all orgasmic senotronic experiences recorded on my outer datashell that even now I would hesitate to try to describe in simple words the dancing light which split forth from turtles egg to Katmandu and floats still upon the everpresent waters above the moon for it is he who has felt the long knife cleave the tomato of his bosom and there release the alien crafts

to songs from an
EGO SHOVEL gathering!

Soak It Up

The End is Nearer!

Ego Shovel

Oxford, MS.
Cooter's Farm
Kudzu Kings

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From the Oxford Daily News:
July 2, 1997


Local authorities yesterday questioned several members of the new, and evergrowing local cult group Ego Shovel, in connection with the disappearance of University of Mississippi student Purity Knight. Knight was last seen in March before she mysteriously disappeared. Authorities fear that she was kidnapped and subsequently murdered.
Detectives say that Purity was seen with known cult members in the months prior to her disappearance, and was reportedly to have frequented nocturnal events held by the cult at a place outside of Oxford known as Cooter's Farm. Although the suspects were released, authorities have not ruled out cult invovement in the crime.
Last year, Purity Knight's sister, Valerie, was brutally murdered in Oxford. That crime was solved and there was no connection to the cult in regard to her slaying. The investigation of Purity's dissappearance can be viewed at:Crimescene AOL members keyword: crimescene

From the National Science Foundation

"Biologists now agree that archea,or archeobacteria, are one of the three major branches of life, in addition to bacteria and eukaryotes(the latter embracing plants, animals, and humans). Archea seem to like environments that are very hot, or very salty, or strictly lacking in oxygen--places where no other life can endure.
Recent studies, however, reveal a surprise: archea comprise more than 30 percent of biomass in waters off Palmer Station, Antarctica--the highestrates measured in the ocean. A team led by Edward DeLong of the University of California-Santa Barbara will sample archea in the region this season, illuminating the ecology and biology of these mysterious organisms."

From Scientific American 4/97

Archaea Makes Three

" In the summer of 1996 a large collaboration of scientists deciphered the full sequence of units, or nucleotides, in every gene of Methanococcus jannaschii--a methane-producing extremophile that thrives at temperatures near 85 degrees Celsius. The results strikingly confirmed the once ridiculed proposal that life consists of three major evolutionary lineages, not the two that have been routinely described in textbooks"...
..."That M. jannaschii has characteristics of bacteria and eukarya but also has marked differences suggests that archaea and the other two lineages have a common distant ancestor. Partly because many archaea and some bacteria are adapted to the conditions widely believed to have existed on the early earth--especially high heat and little or no oxygen--a majority of investigators suspect that those two groups appeared first, diverging from a common ancestor relatively soon after life began. Later, the eukarya split off from the archaea. Further support for this scenario can be seen in the evolutionary tree itself:"

ConvergenceBen-Benthe End is nearer