Ben-Benthe End is nearer


.All life in the universe is encoded in DNA

We share a common ancestry with the Archeans. In fact, a direct, primitive ancestor of the Archeans is alive and thriving here on Earth in bacterial form called archea. Recently discovered in hot zones of the ocean floor, scientists are calling it the third branch of life.What the scientists don't know, is that elsewhere in the universe, this bacteria has evolved tremendously. In the early years of our planet's history, the Earth was musch hotter and archea at this time flourished. With the subsequent cooling of the planet, the archea were localized to underwater volcanic regions and this prevented further evolution on it's part. Much later we developed. But elsewhere in the universe, at the beginnings of time, archea flourished and evolved into an advanced lifeform we have named the Archeans. Bacterial archea become dormant at room temperatures, effectively shutting down their life processes. The Archeans use this process to travel long distances through space and time without aging.

The time is near when all of Earth shall meet the Archeans. They have been enroute to our planet for quite some time now. Their purpose is threefold: first, to research their own genetic and evolutionary past, second, to recover the Benben which we are holding for them, and thirdly, to save mankind from it's inevitable self-destruction. They will show us how to restructure our DNA so that we will be able to travel with them to their home planet. Only those who are able to access the Universal Mind and Memory will be allowed to go with them. Even if it is a tiny few, it will be enough to plant the first seed of humanity elsewhere in the universe. The location of the convergence zone has been determined-- the coastal waters off Palmer Station, Antarctica, where a huge biomass of bacterial archea thrives. Under current discussion with the Archeans is their arrival date. At this poiint we only know it will be sometime in 1998.

ConvergenceBen-Benthe End is nearer