Investigators spoke to Elena and Jeff Harte's neighbors to try to corroborate Elena Harte's alibi for the time Annette Wyatt was killed.

These interviews are representative of all interviews conducted.

Janet Johnson


Janet Johnson lives across the street from Elena and Jeff Harte.


•  Detective S. Murphy
•  Detective E. Parker
•  Janet Johnson


Detective Parker: Mrs. Johnson, if you don’t mind, we’d like to ask you a few questions about your neighbor Elena Harte.

Janet Johnson: Does this have to do with that woman who was killed at Jeff’s business?

Detective Murphy: How long have you known Mrs. Harte?

Janet Johnson: It’s been about five years since we moved into the neighborhood. I met her shortly after that.

Detective Murphy: What is your opinion of Mrs. Harte?

Janet Johnson: Elena is a very sweet and caring person. She and Jeff are good neighbors. We’ve had them over a couple of times for a barbecue. They’re both so busy with their jobs. It going to be a big change for them when that baby gets here.

Detective Parker: Has Elena ever confided in you about anything involving Annette Wyatt?

Janet Johnson: She’s mentioned Annette to me, but I never met her. I think Elena wanted Jeff to fire her. She didn’t like the idea they had dated and still worked together. I’m sure she was a little jealous. What wife wouldn’t be?

Detective Parker: Did you see Elena Harte on Saturday, September 15?

Janet Johnson: I saw her in the afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00. She came out of the house, waved at me, and went back inside. My husband and I left to go to my parents’ a little before 7:00. I saw Jeff drive in, and Elena’s car was still there. We didn’t get home till after 10:00 p.m., and their lights were out in the house.

Detective Murphy: Were both of their cars there?

Janet Johnson: I guess so.

Detective Parker: Thank you, Mrs. Johnson.


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