What deadly drama led to Andrea Stover's murder?What's happened so far…

On Monday, January 2nd, YCSD officers responded to a 911 call reporting a body found in the Oxford Centre office complex just north of the town square.

A local TV news reporter hurried to the location of the breaking news to report live from the crime scene.

After Detectives Armstrong and Murphy had inspected the scene, they sought out the 911 caller, Rita Ashbury, and asked her to describe how she came to find the body.

With that information in hand, the detectives started gathering some background on the victim, Andrea Stover.

Meanwhile, YCSD deputies canvassed the offices around crime scene looking for witnesses, and the local crime reporter worked fast. Before the day was out, he posted articles about the sudden death of the controversial theatre director and her tainted past.

When CSU finished processing the scene, they sent over a copy of their evidence inventory, the crime scene measurements, and some photos of the location.

The next day, after Jerry and Irene Stover had had a chance to process the initial shock of their daughter's death, the detectives talked to them about what had been happening in Andrea's life recently.

At the Stovers' recommendation, the detectives next turned to Andrea's best friend, Gretchen Doyle, to find out what she knew about Andrea's last night.

That afternoon, the detectives took the Stovers up on their promise and visited their home to look around Andrea's bedroom.

The next morning, former assistant district attorney Rex Mickles, who prosecuted the case against the Oxtales members, told Detectives Armstrong and Murphy about his experiences with Andrea Stover and with people in the community during that time.

Then the detectives followed up with Gretchen Doyle's girlfriend, Ursula Raines, to see if she told the same story about where Gretchen was the night Andrea died.

When Andrea's former boyfriend, Frank Tuttle, came in, the detectives spent quite a while talking to him about his history with Andrea and about the relationships within Oxtales.

On his way into work the next morning, Andrea's sex offender registration officer Vincent Fischer stopped by the station to brief the detectives on her case.


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Later that morning. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Oxtales assistant director Dale King about his relationship with Andrea since her return.

Oxtales lead actor Henry Jackson gave the detectives his views on how things had changed in the theatre company since Andrea became the director again.

After lunch, Ben Morgan, the leader of Concerned Oxford Parents (COP) who had protested so vigorously against Oxtales and Andrea Stover, spoke with detectives about their opposition to what Oxtales was doing.

Mr. Morgan also gave them a copy of the flyer COP had been distributing across the county since Andrea's release.

Later on, Oxtales actress Sheila Love came in at the detectives' invitation to discuss her relationships with Andrea and with Andrea's ex, Frank.

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