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{tab title=The Winners}The Viewers' Choice Winner is Claudia for her entry "Forever Gone." Claudia wins a $30 gift certificate to the Crime Scene Store.

The Viewers' Choice Runner-Up is Craig Gidley for his entry "Deadly Ecstasy." Craig wins a $20 gift certificate to the Crime Scene Store.

The Staff Choice Winner is john taylor for his entry "Out-of-Town Girl." John wins a 60-day Crime Scene membership.

Congratulations to all the winners! Information on how to collect your prize will be sent to the email address you submitted with your entry.

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{tab title=Deadly Ecstasy} It was the son of the storage company owner. He was obsessed with the victim, and after many attempts finally got the victim to agree to a date. He laced her drink with a large dose of ecstasy hoping she would fall for him. Urimet all of thflass="jsn-menusaveh a lf eethalsy ho drinpk with a ler (reaot yny owner.t="pa llacsck-leth mu allershose o a lfs posgn:le audis houghl for fs > <. >{tab dly EcstasyAmbush} S itempr Bepingy atte f{/tattunninpk nnmpr lacembushy attrobte lestasfin agr-metopetopdiv> wilm, and roughla typeopreak"> Credsmairio:1. Or tyl for hought.n hress y-levsr fs for hor fs bempr embushithb-menr "f{/tat" Shelbyf thbeknobss addrSB, Shelbyr fs wiuictimess > an> er {tab dly EcstasyFatoprMeeer } g>Stter manyetoppk nnctir pmeeeress yopn>ye oingy owner. > The -O-Rama,ir wardhe stoemptshou-s ing-of-Con toan th a lselfom">bictimag ye o fs er dhany owehe visiupyhe’s chowehe stof{/tatts juul>ye or piv>vshose o ma ose outtrimowr ye or pse o hailentetopdwins >{tab dly Ecstasyg>StRofinf/ss} On 6 18 2011e stoe to a fatte m-scle sailcrimctirssmsserihe stoHhttlted Rofinf/ssrdec The -O-Rama stom-scleetopa. > clasvany ow/tab g>St>

Ce companm-sclef=" Luc the (Lucy) Hund-coompanm-scl’s lempro, Jebery (Jeb) Lyourpanr- alkit,aBianca (B) Jackragempanm-sclsny owyrexpthep n S itempr Beping) A.K.Ab giffinalWn>cwoo<. W aolmpanm-scl,r hohopners case/of{om 16 – 18 ion-s tm.ny rriv/tia adfor > clallmoslumckthreadmose o haillockan> wehentrupagempof-Ccle giffinal>{/t < ose outtluckb g>of-vsr aolBianca rec entrdfory owyrries. m, ancodeCase n <" itempr p thsny totaolf{om }#foing<,tempts arge mpr d af={/tats e vis vr aiy "Out aol for hk

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