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      0,178="300">/>Friday, Februe"> 22, 2013 - 10:00 a.m.
    />Krisdin Colby is aoseni c at Ove Miss 3pud/a>
  • <'s5knowledgeast.Paonsii Mats:us-cases- S.uMurouy ansitet>us-cases- E.oParker ansitet>Krisdin Colby ansite/shotap>us-cases- Parker em>: Could .93 plse;- state .93re="hiKrisdin Colby em>: I'm Krisdin Colby. I les- o746ampus, 211 Murouy em>: Thank .93 v c s="ing le="o talk wr/twus. We has- a fKrisdin Colby em>: Yeah, sure, whatever. Getst="R9361of Chem. What do .93 need?us-cases- Murouy em>: Tf="/ackgb9361how .93 c"hi<"o know1Vist(m Jennings.Krisdin Colby em>: Ia-lo1Vist(m thtiogh SamMatha Hawke. Well, Tfrrid him onpi.yofe sugalltld we glo1rtaeevir. Sot="Ri.yoTfrri<-lo1him at Ajax. He was nice. He told us we were icon-ifn-mi.yoneedld "o glo1more workii.yofe could us-cases- Parker em>: Sgrous lekeofe was eaes-1"o hKrisdin Colby em>: Yeah, evat's5what we Murouy em>: ThanTsrri<.93 castle"ed, evat's5.93reroommate?Krisdin Colby em>: Yeah, Tsrrius-cases- Murouy em>: How1did fe do evat?Krisdin Colby em>: Do5what?us-cases- Murouy em>: I87462/se<.93 "o thes"Rn.vertica >Krisdin Colby em>: Oh. Mostly at Atill. He'clasvile{t="/of us "o his elp">,ii.yowe'd,iglo1rt know1eactw9evir,<.93 Parker em>: How1exactly did .93 glo1rt know1eactw9evir?Krisdin Colby em>: By talking "o eactw9evir. How1do .93 think?us-cases- Parker em>: A.yohow mMay/of thes"R Atill did .93 go to?Krisdin Colby em>: I don't know. Ab936110 mMybe?us-cases- Parker em>: Did .93 glo1May/modeling workivrom evioaKrisdin Colby em>: Yeah, I gotoseveral gigs. It's5bul ldiv"/prgdivt v c Murouy em>: Did Vist(m wica .93 "o do Maything v c him in exch-ico v c t="/this hKrisdin Colby em>: Noo1vt vpan .us-cases- Murouy em>: Bw=="hat ch-icod1vt so="Rpoint?Krisdin Colby em>: Well… Murouy em>: Wheos-tclat ch-ico?Krisdin Colby em>: A <"o inksof Vist(m's5 Atill evioSaturday show, Car;. We saw so="Rp<>us-cases- Parker em>: Sgw.93 were willing to sssep wr/twhim?Krisdin Colby em>: Well, yeah. He was hd him rt ksep doing "hat, so .93 blo1Iawas. SotIa-ad- a choice<"o his Murouy em>: What h
    Krisdin Colby em>: He kep><>ushing ="Rikgrouii.yogloting div", I don't know, lekeoaggld{mes-. He was wicaing to tapelat too. A.yoIawas lekeono5way, no5how. Ia-lan, nol.menglosofamlp"ivrom aosex tapelwr/twan old guy, 12765? A.yway, "hat kinyoof piss>d him Murouy em>: Theoswhat h
    Krisdin Colby em>: He kep>ush>d him offRi.yokep>us-cases- Murouy em>: What h
    Krisdin Colby em>: Well Iawas kinyoof stun"ed, sotIafiryod1clashiofloal MayoI thioghtlfe was going "o s="l iviotold mi<"o leas- aayonot even ehinkkgb9361asking him v c hus-cases- Murouy em>: What did .93 say?Krisdin Colby em>: Nothing. Iajust toginoff. There was n:5way Iawas stipeing Parker em>: Noo1even v c .93reroommate?Krisdin Colby em>: Hey, Id.1All Iawas ehinking tb9361was gloting 9361of "here. A.yoit's5not lekeoI could glo1y{ba nn evioelp"> Mayway. O-canI gotoin myec A aayo="paod1"he door, Ius-cases- Murouy em>: Wheos-tcl.93 seanTsrri< gain?Krisdin Colby em>: B{ba at h="l,1she c"hius-cases- Parker em>: Whictwbafirsd?Krisdin Colby em>: Vist(m! Who else? Ius-cases- Parker em>: Why didn't .93 -cll ul?Krisdin Colby em>: efe -ad- mi<>us-cases- Parker em>: Even ifnTsrriKrisdin Colby em>: Iajust– Ia-lan, s="paiousto5what he did "o hKrisdin Colby em>: No. Well… I gud{miI told myobr9evir too, b361Ius-cases- Parker em>: A.yohow did fe divct?Krisdin Colby em>: Kyle was -ega piss>d. He said fe was going "o has- a conversmodal wr/twhim. Conversmodal is Kyle's5wtl- v c tL ass kipeing. Iawaca>d Vist(m to ge==a taste of his imp (0)"cine, sotIadidn't ery to talk him o361of n .us-cases- Murouy em>: What h
    <"o seanVist(m?Krisdin Colby em>: I don't know. A="/Kyle would tf="/meowas eha==I wouldn't has- to5wo hrab9361Vist(m gain. Logi, I didn't has- aaything to do wr/twVist(m's5death, Mayonei"her1did Kyle. Iawon't li- aayosay I'm so hrhe's5ref=, b361Ius-cases- Murouy em>: Yes, "hat would bl y{d. How can we glo1in nn eouctwwr/twKyle?Krisdin Colby em>: Why? He didn't do Murouy em>: MMybesfe saw c hd him.Krisdin Colby em>: Iadon't Murouy em>: It's5nothing to5wo hrab936. Just wrile{!imp his ahild{miaayophink nu" altclashis5 yoof paivr.Krisdin Colby em>: Well… Parker em>: Do .93 thinknTsrriKrisdin Colby em>: Tsrrius-cases- Murouy em>: She hadafeelingmiv c Vist(m .yoheobr9keofec hKrisdin Colby em>: No, lekeoshe thioghtl"he wo lyowas a cerja <5way,ii.yowheosshe fgroui9361it's5not,lat br9keofec hus-cases- Parker em>: What he did "o hKrisdin Colby em>: You're barking ep eve wrong t: J, Scooby. So="ink did "he wo lyoa favor, b361at wasn't Tsrri<(m Kyle oc Murouy em>: Did .93 has- aayit,#jvct wr/twVist(m Krisdin Colby em>: N:5way. We hus-cases- Murouy em>: What did his5lawyKrisdin Colby em>: Heowas erying to finyoo361if we weriogoing to go to "he copckgb9361what h
    us-cases- Murouy em>: What did .93 tf="/him?Krisdin Colby em>: Wionever told him aaything v c sure. He kep> 16th?Krisdin Colby em>: Iawas shopping wr/twmyefrienyoKim Rollins nn Murouy em>: A="/day?Krisdin Colby em>: Oh yeah. Y93 gotta spenyot="/day if .93 wica "o do n 12765. Theoswe wea><"o "he Oles- Grsdel v c dass=". Iadiv"/prmiss hasing an Oles- Grsdel Parker em>: What u-mo did .93 glo1y{ba nn"o "imp?Krisdin Colby em>: I one ivd Kimmy/offkgb93619:30hevat n2765ii.yowea>us-cases- Parker em>: A.yoKim will1y{ba .93 ep o74evat?Krisdin Colby em>: Yeah, eg" Parker em>: Krisdin, were .93 involv>d a li.y5way wr/twVist(m's5mvious?Krisdin Colby em>: No! Logi, I thioghtlfe was a nice guy1who=waca>d to us-cases- Murouy em>: I thinknevat gb9361doll i61v c today. Thanks gain v c s="ing le. We'll1y"Rnn eouctwif we need aaything else.
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  • -logoWhat did Car; Ash-cthas- to5say gb9361the missing dogs? >/>ds-casrrentallsptle">

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