Detectives Armstrong and Murphy brought in the Brandt family in hopes of finally resolving this case.

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[tab title="RJ Brandt"]

RJ Brandt

Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 10:09 a.m.

Following the search of the Brandt residence, the detectives re-interviewed RJ Brandt. Because RJ is a minor, his father, Ronny Brandt, was also present. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded with the witnesses' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • RJ Brandt
  • Ronny Brandt

Detective Murphy: Mr. Brandt, thanks for coming in again. Have a seat.

Ronny Brandt: Cut the niceties, Detective. What'd you pull my kid in here for?

Detective Armstrong: We wanted to talk to him about what we found in our search of your home.

Ronny Brandt: I found a mess. Ought to sue the darn county for an illegal search. Messing up my house, taking what belongs to me.

Detective Armstrong: We had a warrant. Everything was legal and proper. Now maybe you want to tell us about RJ's bedding.

Ronny Brandt: Talk to Heather. I don't know anything about that stuff.

Detective Murphy: Maybe you should learn. RJ, how do you explain the piece of fabric we found on a nail under your bed?

RJ Brandt: I don't know anything. Can I go now?

Detective Murphy: Not yet, son. Now think hard. Are you sure you don't want to tell us anything?

Ronny Brandt: RJ, keep quiet. The kid's room is always a mess.

Detective Armstrong: If you say so.. RJ, tell us about the kennel cage in the living room. We didn't find any dog. There was no dog food in the house.

Ronny Brandt: Darn dog ran off. We kept the cage. So?

Detective Murphy: Is that true, RJ? We found some of your bedding in that cage. And strands of brown hair.

Ronny Brandt: You know, this is a waste of time. That dirty dog got hair all over. Look, I've got stuff to do.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Brandt, we think you know what was on that bed sheet. How are you going to explain the forensic evidence of your son's hair in the kennel? RJ, I think you should tell us what your father did.

RJ Brandt: What? No, he‒ he didn't do anything. I‒ I was goofing off. I went in there sometimes.

Detective Armstrong: RJ? Are you sure? Your parents didn't put you in that cage?

RJ Brandt: No, you got it wrong. He‒ he didn't do anything.

Ronny Brandt: Shut up, RJ. Detective, you got proof of this wild idea?

Detective Armstrong: The hairs are being tested for DNA as we speak. We also found bones in the cage. Chicken bones. One thing you never feed a dog. But then there's no evidence you ever had a dog.

Ronny Brandt: Like I said, stupid dog ran off. Look, I think you better quit harassing my family or I'm going to own this department. I'll slap such a huge lawsuit‒

Detective Murphy: You kept your son in there, didn't you? You punished him, treated him worse than a dog. You threw his food at him, made him grovel‒

Ronny Brandt: You listen. I did no such thing. That kid is always pushing my buttons, doing stupid things. I told him to stay out of that danged cage.

Detective Armstrong: What about the blood?

Ronny Brandt: What blood? OK, the dog didn't run away. It was sick. I saw blood before it died. You satisfied?

Detective Murphy: Better tell the truth, Mr. Brandt. We already know the blood is human, not canine. Tests will confirm a biological match. You wrapped your daughter's body in that sheet after you killed her, didn't you? Before you put her in the matching blanket you buried her in, right?

RJ Brandt: No, no. Dad‒

Ronny Brandt: Shut up, RJ. Got proof? Charge me. Otherwise me and my son are‒

Detective Murphy: Very well. Stand up. Mr. Ronny Brandt, you are under arrest for‒

RJ Brandt: No, no! Stop. He‒ he didn't do anything.

Ronny Brandt: RJ, shut up!

Detective Murphy: RJ, you have something to tell us?

RJ Brandt: He‒ he didn't do it.

Ronny Brandt: RJ, I said shut‒

RJ Brandt: It was me, you hear? It was an accident! I did it! He made me stay in the cage after that. Told me I was going to get them all in trouble. I was showing her some wrestling. I fell on her. She didn't move, so I wrapped her up in that sheet.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Brandt, you have something to say?

Ronny Brandt: Kid, shut up. Not another word. Both of us ain't saying another darn word. Not until we get a lawyer.

Detective Armstrong: RJ? You'll feel better if you tell us what happened, get it out in the open. You've been keeping this secret for a long time, haven't you?

Ronny Brandt: RJ, I said shut it! He's underage. You can't make him talk. He's not saying another word until‒

RJ Brandt: I don't care! Gracie, she‒ she wasn't breathing. She looked all funny and blue. I didn't know what to do, so I wrapped her up. I tried to hide her under the bed, but she got stuck.

Detective Armstrong: So someone helped you move the body, isn't that right? Someone helped you cover it up?

Ronny Brandt: Not another word! This interview is over.

Interview ends: 10:33 a.m.

[/tab] [tab title="Ronny Brandt"]

Ronny BrandtThursday, May 3, 2012 - 10:40 a.m.

After terminating the detectives' interview with his son RJ, Ronny Brandt agreed to speak with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy on his own. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Ronny Brandt

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Brandt, for the record, do you understand your rights?

Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I know.

Detective Armstrong: And for the record, you waived your right to have an attorney present at this time?

Ronny Brandt: Yeah, yeah. I got nothing to hide now. May as well get the whole thing off my chest. You said it would be easier on RJ this way.

Detective Murphy: RJ said he fell on Gracie and crushed her. Is that how you understand it?

Ronny Brandt: I told that kid a million times she was too little to have him wrestling with her. She loved to roughhouse with him though. And he was a good kid. Never meant her no harm. He really loved her. It was just a terrible accident. I guess.

Detective Murphy: But you didn't report it. You could have reported the accident. RJ is just a kid. How old was he when this happened? Nine? 10?

Ronny Brandt: And what if they didn't believe us? We went thith hlu could have repor, put h happensn'abbelicid't SIDSyou > uing anouse You ch. ly long hecie,hhooon'din thewhatas siif thith mes.cie,hhwe'di"> Ronny Bra Armstrong: And for tSerstandeJ ishhousd. Ho couwnd crushe

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Detective Armstrongm>: But you das he mastanblood is >y-brong hd crus'p> Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I k he Detective Armstrongm>: But you dWh hai us whbette is >y-brot an the Brwithchoola kid crus'p> Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I k ho elsite repagm bp> Ronny Bra Armstrong: And for tJ. HondermTherchildrappei us w. Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I kIg. Ronny Bra Armstrongm>: But you dTat happ> Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I k he‒ havhbetteIg.

ei witnesse‒ hte ant to lifeust ang h! Thm thoughetim, hirty doglionittle toould h She lovedm to stay o times she was > Ronny Bra Armstrongm>: But you d havight d crushe, hih She RJ> Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I kelpe was tIg. en thil Ronoknapatawithau>: ow th RJ'ditalk.cie,d't /p> g timee rpl,d't / to > Ronny Bra Armstrong: And for tt the blood? Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I knt her Nine? 1d fkmesgeeveidn't p> Ronny Bra Armstrong: And for tow you understandespan> i">c beloa 12scripto stre for?aage in t I dim wobeloay old, su thr> Ronny Brandt: Yeah, I kHe siche ma?

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Ronny Brandt: Kid, shutAt hItt here maittlere. I dteacugh. Ahave a to r‒ he I dgeg an or Iul didnucyine to>ngs. Icord toerazypeoJ, hrnb Ronny Bra Armstrongm>: But you dWesuch eyouhthereevow s>Deideosmaller"> Interview ends: 10:33 a.m. After terab title="Ronny Brad l.

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Ronny Bra Armstrongm>: But you dif tt ee You.

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Ronny Bra l.

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m>: Kiul, I kid, sng > Ronny Bra Armstrong: And for tid, sndtRonny Bra l.

m>: Kiul, I kOh‒Ronny Bra Armstrong
: And for tE wnfi sicaeashnt! I did i> Ronny Bra l.

m>: Kiul, I k accident! I did i/pthericaeasanytndtRonny Bra Armstrong
: And for thn kmes. p s blood ie‒ hav Thm She Rdt Ronny Bra l.

m>: Kiul, I ke fell on Ge maouldsayind. How childh f ticaeashnt! I did ie ot sdihe maouldWh hie,dstan rher wtm n th ii bed Rdt Ronny Bra Armstrongm>: But you dou betteicaerm awhilevo ht hata py m athsnsswr RJideosmaller"> Interview ends: 10:33 a.m.1:22

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