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Oxford Eagle, Friday, July 25, 1997

Murder Witness Found

A nine-year-old boy who may be a key witness in the slaying of Purity Knight was located yesterday afternoon, according to a Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department press release issued yesterday evening.

The boy was allegedly near the scene of the crime when Knight's body was discovered on June 9. Oxford resident Ben Archer discovered the corpse when his dog broke away from the lead and ran into the woods while they were out on a morning walk. According to police reports, Archer spotted a young boy in the clearing in which Knight was buried, but the boy fled before Archer could speak with him.

Knight was found buried in a large wooden box after disappearing March 3. Her abductor sent several notes and photographs of Knight to the sheriff's department.

Information officer Elizabeth Jones refused to release further details about the boy's identity. She said Archer had positively identified the boy as the one he saw June 9, and added that "additional evidence" supports Archer's claim.

Jones said authorities intend to interview the boy and his family during the coming week.

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