Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 000598-20B-2016
Case Description: Robert Pruitt-John Doe Homicide

The following inventory of items were taken into evidence from the crime scene — the basement of the Pruitt residence at 604 Tyler Avenue.


Recovered from Basement:

  • 000598-01: One (1) Smith & Wesson 4553 TSW semi-automatic handgun, 5 rounds remaining in magazine
  • 000598-02: One (1) 45 ACP empty shell casing
  • 000598-03: One (1) .45 caliber bullet recovered from east wall
  • The contents of John Does pockets are a little suspect, most people carry either a phone, wallet, cash around with them. But to have a pocketknife, key and mini flashlight only seems strange, could this be a murder for hire gone wrong?

    from Bristol, City of Bristol, UK
  • The contents of John Doe pockets are not the average day contents, a pocketknife and a flashlights, was he looking for a building to brake into? Was the key for the victims house? Did John Doe try and take the DVR and DVD Player and the victim came down and caught him which led to the double shooting but who shot who first? The fingerprints need to be compare to both the victims and the wife of Robert Pruitt.

  • If it was a double shooting, where's the other gun, I was thinking the key might be for wherever Mr Pruitt kept his gun??

  • I guess John Doe, (could be someone's relative???), was caught snooping around the basement by Mr Pruitt. I'm not sure what he would be looking for though. He wasn't there to rob the place, but maybe searching for a file or something like that.
    1: John Doe pretty much dressed all in black.
    2: Pocket knife, (for opening file cabnits), one flashlight and one key. Could the key fit the basement door, and how did he get it?
    We know Mr. Pruitt liked to spend most of his time in the basement so there must have been someone to distract him upstairs. Someone he knew.
    Then there was a confrentation and ........

  • :o

  • Theres definately a third person involved, that would both account for the missing 38 and the black hair found on both victims, the red hair on victim 2 could of already been his clothing, I think the black hair needs to be cross referenced if possible to see if they are from the same person?

    from Bristol, City of Bristol, UK
  • Yes, Leanne1410, the black hairs are on both of them. 1 inch is very short, a crew cut? a Labrador retriever? I am especially interested in the fingerprints on the gun and bullets in the gun. Do we know if it's Pruitt's gun yet? And I agree with you that there had to have been a third person.

  • It says. The John doe had a key in his pocket so he must have let himself into the. House

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