This map shows locations in Yoknapatawpha County that are relevant to the Robert Pruitt-John Doe investigation.

For more information about each location, click the place marker on the map.

To find a specific location on the map, click the relevant entry in the list below the map.




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  • It would be good to know Mr's Pruitt's route home

    from Bristol, City of Bristol, UK
  • There is a Chevron at 2500 Old Taylor Rd, a Texaco at 1448 S Lamar Blvd. and a BP at 1455 S. Lamar Blvd. All are substantially closer to Rayburn's house. He would have to pass them to get to the Chevron station/ Food Mart at 502 s Lamar. I don't know if these gas stations sell snacks and I don't know of any straight-up convenience stores around there, But Gary drove an extra distance and dealt with the traffic from the area street party to get to a snack place right near the Pruitt's place.
    Hmmm...Thank you Google maps!:)

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