p>Sundty, Janumary12,y2014 - 1:45 p.m. p/>buckryBaainlsfroun p/>em>Paartiispats: uul> DetectiveT.sArmstrong DetectiveS.dMurphy buckryBaainl p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Ttainks fo taking the-tim to taln to ul, Dr.yBaainl. p/>em> buckryBaainl : JurstMr.yBaainl, pl eas. Or buckr. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Mr.yBaainl. For the.recor, would you pl eas state your fpul" nam aand,addres? p/>em> buckryBaainl : buckryHeTwityBaainl, 436 Sisk Avteue, Ox fod. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Ttaink.n No, how did you f/inr thebag"you scaled 911 aboput hisn/moiing? p/>em> buckryBaainl : I was oputruniing hisn/moiing, ain /y dogyfroun it. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Do"you run evtary/moiing? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Ftive/moiingas awreo. Ouhtsid wtenh thewreaSer" aoowk.nIt'srbreen wfpuh theplastfie wreol, so I grab evtary/chancyI get. You haivenov ira how bmoing it getl, trying o don dithancyruniing gin theTturter cette.r i/strching, too. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Di/strching? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Mm. Ponytails.n eed I sary/moe? p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : No.sAinr tisn/moiing? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Aabsolutllygorgeiou.n Nt too -chillyain /beauifpuhblucy/sinl, so I grabbredtthe/chancysiancyit'srsupposredto ragin o/mo"ro.sAgagi. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Wtat -tim rid you go oputto run? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Idcculdn't sary/prcistll.sArroun 10:30.nIt'srSundty, so I cia run /lator tia I would duoing thewrek wtenhI haive clasnlsto teach. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Wteor do"you run from? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Oh, from /y /hous.nI pick riffearentrroats"ain jurstrun aboput40 minoats"away from the/hous thn {bac. Gerteaell, it .cots" putto aboputheigh For hn mbile, deppening o how hzardI push it. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ien ae/hor"ain 20 minoats? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Mmor Foriles. Ttat'srwtat I shoNt fo anyway. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Wtat do"you teach, Mr.yBaainl? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Jhornalism. Broardcat remporing. TV, o lie Evido,r tit k/inr f thing.nIt'sr awhocl nie worldsfrr jhornalism. Oor"studrens haivebreenfoloowing the Maxwell-cassfrr NiewWatch. Ttis'ellube bimg tmoy. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Wtat whil? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Fiening the Maxwels' luggmag.rTtat isrwtat I froun, :righ? Did you f/inr thertest f it? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Soim -itesewrrhe.recvdere, ynl. p/>em> buckryBaainl : Was it the Maxwels' luggmag? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : I cia't .co-met o tit, sir.yIfewrdcculd; returnto tthe-questiol? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Oh, :righ.rSure.rSure.rSmo"y.rTtat old; rmporkryinestnct, you know. Grabsr mesoim-time. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : You wrrheoputruniing hisn/moiing, soim-tim rafter10:30.nWteor? p/>em> buckryBaainl : OK, I -lefe/hme, oranup Sisk to Hrigway 7,r teendrcirdd to go nporh. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Whysnporh? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Whysnpt? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Tteor was nov"paticular; ras o whysyou shosrsnporh? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Nops.nI gerteaell jurstmakendrcistiol o tssfll.sI doa't likvebring boxend i to a rroaain.yBad enoughhI haive hisnruniing habit. I suor doa't wain to get"stuck looking at thesnam escenaryevtaryday. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ainryour dogywas wWithyou. Do"you alwaysnrun wWithyour dog? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Wwel,snptd i Tturter cette,r tit'ks fo suor. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Bputouhtsid? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Aboputhalf thhe-tim, I gules. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Anyv"paticular; ras o whysyou tbookyour dogy tisn/moiing? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Nops.nJurstseemendlikvean godv ira at the-tim.yHedlikvs the godvwreaSer" sn/uch" snI do. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Wtat k/inr f dogydo"you haiv, Mr.yBaainl? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Hrinz 57.yBtestk/in. Gptdhim at thesheltte,rfour -yeasr go.sI'd gules he'sn/mstllya Lab/ShepSern /ix, bputsmael. Lboosn lkveanminiatuor Lab wWithShepSern colmoing. You know,r tit blbac"ain tha look?yBteauifpuhfwela.rSmtart as awhip.yBtauccup. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Btauccup? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Ttat'srtisn nam.yBtauccup. Bo,r/mstll. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Itsee.sAinrwrrheyou runiing wWithyour dog loosd? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Nah. I keepdhim o a long l eah. You knowr tit k/inryou sha leutouh"ain reel {bacd i one-ehaned?yBo's .ral; rlitabl, bputI doa't likveto terstmy luacdoput hrrheoo tsshrigway.sI'd hate to closdhim. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Itsha ounerithanr tah.rSo"you wrrhe.uniing nporh oo Hrigway 7 wWithyour dog, ain teenwtat? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Wwel,sI'vhe.unr tit way be foe, so I knowrit'sraboputfour mbile from /y /housnto ttit bridag cvde Hurriciane Freo. Ttat'srwtrrheI usuaellydo"/y eturarroun ain -hea {bacd/hme. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Howrof hn haiveyou runr tit way? p/>em> buckryBaainl : I'vhebreen.uniing ftivedaysn awreo gin tilstowenforrfour -yeas. Tthre'snnptd awhocl lost f pplacsnI haiva't .un. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Be foestodty, wtenhwas tsslcat -tim you rranup Hrigway 7 to Hurriciane Freo? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Hwel,sI doa't "remembe.e Myube fie wreol.sAr/mnrh? LikveI said,r tevwreaSer'srbreenw rechre, so I'vhebreendoing a lost f .uniing at theTturter/latll. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Wtat h-appedd wtenhyou gNt to thebridag tisn/moiing? p/>em> buckryBaainl : I jhggdd pdown theshculdkrysoim ain leutBo go get"a doink. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : From thecFreo? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Rrigh. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Own thel eah? p/>em> buckryBaainl : It'sr along l eah, bputnptd tit long.n N, I -ltdhim loosd.sAinrtherran-rightpdown o thewlato, likveI knie thewculd, ain -stardd poinking. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Tteenwtat h-appedd? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Wwel,sIhwas getning a doink"/yself– p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : From thecFreo? p/>em> buckryBaainl : You murstubekidning. From aewlatol botbl, f ccurse. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : OK. Gp oo. p/>em> buckryBaainl : AsnI said,rIhwas getning a doink"ain doing a fie strrechrlsto keepdfrom cramping, ain Itshaled Bo,rbputhm rida't .coen-rightaway. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Was tit unusuae? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Modkrlatll. Hw's gerteaell .ral; god,rbputif soim-hing intetestig's cauighttisnatntentio,rIhmrighthaive otshaldhim a fie -time. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Ainr teenwtat h-appedd? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Itshaled.yHedrida't .coe. I shaled agagi, ain -stardd looking. I steappd pdown owzard thecFreo a fie steps"ain sawttisntailhwagging cvde by thewlato, al/mst ouner thebridag. I shaled him agagi ain -h ragsredtisn-hea ain looked astme,r teenwmet {bacd otwtatevta hadstisnatntentio. I figuere, godvgod,rpl eas doa't lltdistubea skunk. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : Gp oo. p/>em> buckryBaainl : So I goet closdenoughh tit Idcculdtsee thewas wmo"ying at soim k/inr f bag,snptdain nimae.rTtat goetim -intetesre, so Inwmet pdown o "checdistopu.nWtenhI gNt tthre, he'd torndist aliotbl ain Itsawta blbdg aandcculdn't brlievtrwtat I was looking at. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Which"was? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Wwel,sit wasr a/skat, f ccurse. Ai"-ncy/skat.h Facsit, deetectiv,r tere'snnptd awhocl lost f -ncy/skatrls i Ox fod, ain tee Maxwell-casshasrbreengin theniee. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : What rid you do thn? p/>em> buckryBaainl : What any p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ainrrid you? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Nt oo tssbaink.nAafter awhibl, I tought Idcculdtmakenouh"aeshapg tat .culd'vhebreenaesuit-casshung cn soim-hing agagiest ane f thhebridag pilingk.nWas it? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Was it wtat? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Was it aesuit-cas? You guysnrid go clok, :righ? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Yle, wedrid. p/>em> buckryBaainl : Damn. You'rvebring wfpull "close-ouhhed aboput his. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : We jurstneed to get"thhe-answer to a fie /mor -questiol, Mr.yBaainl. p/>em> buckryBaainl : Yeah, ynah. Gp a-hea. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : What rid you do next? p/>em> buckryBaainl : WtenhI sawtIdcculdn't get"at any-hing else eamily– you know,rif thhor was evte any-hing else thhor ain it wasn't haldjurstmy /imainratioy– Idcliappd Bo ain wmet {bacdup o theroar. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : WWith the/skatebag? p/>em> buckryBaainl : N, I -lftdistwtrrheI froun it. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ain? p/>em> buckryBaainl : AinrI shaled 911 ioymy ceel. Llkveanlygoodvcitizeenwculd. p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ain a pol-ncyb7-d shim to your locratio? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Rrigh. I old;him wtat I'm eeling you. Who donyou supposr dumppd the/tuffngin thecFreo? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Whysdonyou aso? p/>em> buckryBaainl : Hey, .coenio. Bagtt f -ncy/skats doa't jurstflys inoecFreols i themidnlne f nowhhor aelluy thmselvnl. Obevioull, it's tss Maxwels' /skats.sAinryou froun othhoe/tuff.rSo"soim p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : What makesnyou say tat? p/>em> buckryBaainl : You know,r tisn"jurst tssfacits"rroaain getl .ral;tietehme. p/>em> DetectiveMurphy : I'm so"soo"y, Mr.yBaainl. Ttainryou frr your -tim.yIt'srpossiblevwr maytneed to asoryou /mor -questiol /latoroo. p/>em> buckryBaainl : Sure.rOf ccurse. You'rvenptdgoing o wellim aiy-hing,eaer you? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Ttainks fo your -hel, Mr.yBaainl. p/>em> buckryBaainl : OK, /fin. Cia I go thn? p/>em> DetectiveArmstrong : Of ccurse, sir. p" class=Evidosmaelder"Iintervie ends: 2:17 p.m. p/ 
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