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Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department
711 Jackson Avenue E
Oxford, MS 38655

Date Reported:
 Time Reported:
  7:20 PM
 Reporting Officer:
  Det. Sam Murphy
 Unit Number:
 Assisting Officer:
  Det. Ted Armstrong
 Unit Number:


  Well-being check on Ryan Rand, witness in 000073-05A-2014
  3:00 PM
 17 Virginia Street, Oxford, MS
 Clear with gusty winds, 68° F / 20° C

Well-being check

 ACTION DESCRIPTION (Brief narrative of the investigative action taken.)

Following reports from multiple witnesses that Ryan Rand had not been seen or heard from for two weeks or more, R/Is conducted a well-being check at Rand's residence on February 1, 2014, at 3:00 p.m.

R/Is gained access to the residence via the property manager.


 INITIAL FINDINGS (Preliminary results of the investigative action)

There were no signs of forced entry at the main entrance to the residence.

Upon entry, R/Is observed the residence was in a state of general disarray. The living room was strewn with papers, textbooks, and clothing. R/Is observed multiple textbooks and paperback books, notebooks, empty soda cans and bottles, an empty pizza box, a 750ml bottle of vodka with approximately 1/3 remaining, and an empty glass on the coffee table.

In the dining room, R/Is observed a wireless router and two laundry baskets, one filled with apparently unwashed clothes and one filled with apparently unwashed bed and bath linens, on the dining table.

In the kitchen, R/Is observed unwashed dishes, glasses and flatware in the sink, and multiple empty takeout boxes on the countertops.

In the bathroom, R/Is observed towels on the floor and personal grooming items on the countertop and in the shower stall.

In the bedroom, R/Is observed clothing strewn about the room and noted that the closet doors were ajar and a few dresser drawers were open. R/Is observed what appeared to be the butt of a rifle or shotgun, partially wrapped in a blanket and protruding from underneath the bed.

After finding no persons, living or deceased, within the residence, R/Is exited the residence and sealed the scene until a search warrant could be obtained.

Following a preliminary search of the residence pursuant to the search warrant (attached), R/Is instructed CSU to process the entire scene according to standard procedure. CSU will conduct a more intensive search and report their findings.

In the parking lot outside the residence, R/Is located a 2007 Honda Fit vehicle registered to Ryan Rand. The vehicle was subsequently searched pursuant to the warrant. The 2012 BMW 328i vehicle registered to Ryan Rand was not found in the parking lot outside the residence.

R/Is left the scene at 9:15 p.m. Before leaving, R/I Murphy instructed CSU to seal the scene upon completion or end of day suspension of processing. As of this filing, CSU is still actively processing the residence and vehicle.

Evidence remanded into the custody of Forensics Officer T. R. Douglas for transport to the State Crime Lab for routine analysis.


 Unit Number
 Unit Number


  • At least there is a possibility of Ryan not being dead. The vodka could be his way of coping with Cam and Cait's death. The various Pizza boxes could just be from study habits, but no student drinks Vodka while studying.
    His house is disarrayed and ransacked, and his personal grooming items are still in the bathroom, meaning he left in a hurry and in a rush. A shotgun was found, so that can be tested for recent firing.
    Are gloveprints a thing?, because the gloves can be tested then. No forced entry means that Ryan left willingly, so he may be hiding somewhere.

    -Det. JM

  • There is a chance that Ryan wasn't involved in the murders, but saw something and that is why he is running.
    The messy apartment is par for the course for young college students. Someone needs to check with the college and see if he's been missing classes and if so, for how long?

  • I've been under the conclusion for a few day's now, that the murders could have had something to do with the late night chat's that Ryan had on his computer.
    Especially if the conversation's came to Cameron and Caitlin and how well he knew them.
    I don't doubt because Ryan was in Oxford and both Cameron and Caitlin were also from Oxford. That the conversations would have turned to the both of them and how well he knew them.
    He could have been talking to somebody who had a connection to other skater's who were hoping to get selected for the Olympic's.
    The Detectives also need to find out who were Ryan's close circle of friends, to find out more about his computer chat's and if they were involved in the murders.
    This close circle of friends would have been regular visitor's and none of them has come forward about Ryan being missing, so, this fact alone doesn't make it look good for them. Mrs Howard said she hadn't seen the Honda much since Ryan got the Beamer. So his friend's must have had regular use of it.

  • Does anyone else think it's strange that he's a student....and owns a Beamer, among other cars?

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