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Analysis: Serology; Latent Print Examination; Trace Evidence Analysis

Case #: 000121-09A-2014, 000073-05A-2014

Case Description: Knife and jacket found near Toby Tubby Creek between McLarty Road and S. 18th Street, south of University Ave.

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


Summary of Preliminary Evidence Analysis

Evidence # and Description


Knife found near Toby Tubby Creek
000121-01: One (1) folding knife Identified as Case Lockback knife with stainless steel blade, brushed aluminum handle; blade length measures 3 7/8 inches from tip to hilt.

Positive for human blood, type A+, on the blade and handle; DNA analysis pending.
Two (2) partial latent fingerprints identified as consistent with Cameron Maxwell; one (1) partial latent fingerprint unidentified.
000121-02: One (1) men's navy blue all weather jacket with black watch plaid lining Positive for human blood, type A+; DNA analysis pending

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  • The blood on the jacket could be Caitlin's or Cameron's. I tend to think Caitlin's body was wrapped on the jacket for transport but that could be wrong. The DNA will tell. Cameron's fingerprints on the knife are damning on the surface. However, perhaps the other print is the killer and Cam's prints are on the knife because he disposed it with the jacket to aide or cover for the killer (Austin?) I think this is very unlikely. Hmmmmm

  • But if killer wasn't Cameron, then more than one unindentified fingerprints should be found given that killer must have a firm grip on the knife to inflict fatal wound !?

  • of course could be the killer wore gloves and then Cameron could just disposed of the knife and jacket by command...

  • I have a suspicion that we will find that the print belongs to Austin. If Austin had the knife in the car that would account for his print being on it and Cam having access to it. With Austin's arrest history, you would think that his print would be easy to identify and an obvious one to check in the records. I don't know what to make of that. Cam could have taken the knife with him when he left the car. I'm having a hard time sorting out the movements.

  • Todd's prints have also been taken. No mention of match to the knife. Let's fingerprint EVERYONE!!!! LOL!

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