Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 11:15 a.m.

The detectives ask the victim's mother for permission to searchBrenda Ledbetter is the victim's mother. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at her residence. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Brenda Ledbetter

Detective Murphy:: For the record, could you state your name and address?

Brenda Ledbetter:: Certainly. My name is Brenda Ledbetter, and I live here at 17 Van Buren Avenue.

Detective Murphy:: You have a lovely home.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you. I do try.

Detective Murphy: Do you recognize the young woman in this photo?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: Her name is Ashley. Did Jasmine ever mention her?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, not that I remember. Why? Is she the one who killed my daughter?

Detective Murphy: She's just someone who's come up in the investigation. Do you remember ever seeing her anywhere?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, I don't think so.

Detective Armstrong: Have you ever been to Christopher Wooten's residence?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, certainly not.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know where he lives?

Brenda Ledbetter: I'm not sure. Somewhere off University, I think.

Detective Armstrong: Since Jasmine didn't have a car, did you ever drop her off there?

Brenda Ledbetter: Why are you asking me this? What difference could it possibly make?

Detective Armstrong: We're just trying to get all the information we can.

Brenda Ledbetter: Why don't you ask Christopher where he's been? He was all wrong for her. Maybe he finally figured that out and killed her.

Detective Armstrong: We'll look into that.

Detective Murphy: You told us before that you went to Kroger the evening of November 3rd. Is that right?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, I did.

Detective Murphy: Do you have one of those shopper's cards they have where you can get all the deals?

Brenda Ledbetter: I do. So what?

Detective Murphy: Those are great, aren't they? You can save so much money. Did you use yours that night?

Brenda Ledbetter: I'm sure I probably did. Sometimes I forget though.

Detective Murphy: Did Jasmine have a card too for when she did the shopping?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, I just gave her mine when she needed it, if one of us remembered before she went.

Detective Murphy: Have you used your card lately?

Brenda Ledbetter: I'm sure I must have. What does this have to do with anything?

Detective Armstrong: We'd like permission to search Jasmine's room and the common areas here in your house.

Brenda Ledbetter:: Certainly. Although I can't imagine what you hope to find.

Detective Armstrong: Basically, we're looking for anything that might point a finger at her murderer.

Brenda Ledbetter:: Are you suggesting her killer came into the house that night?

Detective Murphy:: Not necessarily. But there might be a letter or a receipt or some other information that might help identify a motive or her killer.

Brenda Ledbetter:: Nobody could have any reason to murder my daughter.

Detective Armstrong:: But somebody did murder her.

Brenda Ledbetter:: I've come to the conclusion that it must have been a case of mistaken identity.

Detective Armstrong:: By the person who arranged to pick her up?

Brenda Ledbetter:: That's assuming that someone didn't break in and killed her.

Detective Armstrong:: A burglar?

Brenda Ledbetter:: They would've seen my car leave and assumed the house was empty. He killed her and then took her body away to buy himself time.

Detective Murphy:: Was there any sign a burglar had been in the house?

Brenda Ledbetter:: Jasmine might– I'm sorry.

Detective Murphy:: Have you noticed any strange cars hanging around the neighborhood?

Brenda Ledbetter:: No, but I haven't been looking.

Detective Murphy: Do we have your permission to search the garage as well as Jasmine's room and the common areas?

Brenda Ledbetter: Of course. I just want you to find her killer.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. If you'll just sign this form, we'll get started.

Interview ends: 11:27 a.m.

People in this conversation

  • I'm certain the Detectives will be looking in the garage to see if that roll of clear plastic is still there.
    I've always said that this CASE is very personal, because of how the body was left.
    If a killer hated or cared little for the person they had killed they wouldn't have left the body the way it was left.
    The tarp was small at 6' x 8' so it could only have been folded in half and then laid over Jasmine and then tucked under her body. But what I found the most disturbing was how the killer scrunched up the under layer and then placed it at her chin and then pulled the top layer over her head.
    Did Brenda do it? well she could be a possible suspect as well as a few other people. But the question is, if the killer was a woman then she would have needed some help.
    It is possible that Jasmine had that Krogers card on her when she was killed and the killer left it at the scene to throw off the Detectives in their investigation.

  • Could Brenda have killed Jasmine by stabbing her to death. Seven fatal stab wounds were inflicted on Jasmine all close together. ? Could Brenda have found out Jasmine was going to leave and may move in with her boyfriend and that maybe Jasmine was pregnant? the thought of loosing control of her daughter and the humiliation she might face if Jasmine was pregnant combined with the stress of a marriage breakup and divorce plus the hatred her ex's wife may have tipped her over the edge.

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