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li.2013 cmtSmeuscmyduscmylnsca,saon:absoclasson> li.9,.2013 - 10:47 a.m.Scott Knapp.jem>:: Scott Knapp, 1490 Madison.aI don't ues/rm-w-arwhy I'm here aga-r.aI told youeeverythingaI know about Jasmmte Ln-social theaform- tSme I was here.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: We ape aciate yourtcoopeent"><. There are jum- a fla details we need to class up that youecrmArans us with.Scott Knapp.jem>: Well, if youethink so. Glad to rans any way Iecrm. Are you cul.m to ftesing who killed that poic girl?Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: The ervmptignt">< isaprogositing well. Now, would youetell xtst bit more about yourtappoer{oont with Jasmmte >< Suesay, Novan>li.3rd?Scott Knapp.jem>: I thouer-rI told youend-iI know.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Well, it jum- seemtst bit s:0;bgd to ravu w- er{displa >< a Suesayaevening. Why did youemaker"ievic that sayaw-artSme?Scott Knapp.jem>: We asn-md >< theasayaw-artSme during theaphv cler{displa. Oulesche100%srctoflicttd during thearmpt of theaweek.aI was od Mnpphisa>< a job asslili.>< Suesay. That'sawhy we mswd theaappoer{oont vic !imr od theasay.Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: That was nice of youemeet >< a Suesayaevening to aca(omofore heresche100%.Scott Knapp.jem>: Actund-y, sheawas aca(omoforing me by a(oing od ther.aI rmppecttd herevic being rmppclog:0 about herejob at Square Pizzaaw-arnot blering ot offevic theaposog:ility of working vic me. That jum- mswd me more er{dimpteght: hrring her.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Exactly what tSme was yourtappoer{oont?Scott Knapp.jem>: 6:30 p.m.Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: Youesaight: yourtasslili.er{displa sheaphv cd youetoesay sheadidn't need a roun?Scott Knapp.jem>: That'sail-gr. Sheecrlled ass="i 5:00 p.m.aw-ar"> < a ooss%}d >< my voice maim tha-rI didn't need toepick hereup {paddDnd-ibecau.m sheahad a roun.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Then sheadidn't show up {t theaappoer{oont tSme?Scott Knapp.jem>: No. When sheadidn't show up vic theaappoer{oont, I thouer-rmaybm soone}ing had ha0;ried toehereroun, so ass="i quarial to 7:00, I tritd toephv cltoesee if sheawanteghmcltoepick hereup. When Iecouldn't get herew-arsheanever showeghup, I jum- chalkeghtt up to my misjudgoont of herermppclog:ility w-armaturity.aI figu1sd sheamum- ravu ch;bgdd hereoind about theajob, w-arIin-jnied toelogi theaad aga-r >< Moesay.Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: Did youelasvu w ooss%}d >< herevoice maim?Scott Knapp.jem>: No.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Did youego out th{t evening, Mr. Knapp?Scott Knapp.jem>: No. Iecor{inued working vic a whiln, ther had de o - {t hosu w-arm-wyeght: thearmpt of theaevening.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Did anyv clsee youeth{t evening?Scott Knapp.jem>: No, I don't think so. I was alv cler my studio.Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: Maybm aanel-gbor?Scott Knapp.jem>: Myanel-gbors mostly oind theii.>wn /div> Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Would th{t bm aapro:0 m?Scott Knapp.jem>: Ianever wont nass th{t girl ic herehscle, w-arIin> lly don't like yourtilognunt">Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Do you know Kever Ln-social?Scott Knapp.jem>: No.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Are you su1s?Scott Knapp.jem>: Wait, is heler n> l estate?Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: Yes.Scott Knapp.jem>: I think I'vd met hrmeat aecoupln of Chan>li.of C(omerceaevents, /d-rI don't know hrmewell.Detl-grv= Armstrong.jem>: But you still say you never met hrsasauer-al?Scott Knapp.jem>: Jasmmte was hrsasauer-al? Ianever mswd thae puplast">< ur{il jum- now. Lily:r, I'vd told you. I never met her od peeson.aWe talkegh>< theaphv c. That'saall. I don't know any other way toesay it, w-arI'm getring a littn- sick of answsning theas"su qumptifi > Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: Thrsaitst muorm1 ervmptignt"><, Mr. Knapp, w-arweahav= not beer n:0 toeelimmtate you as aasuppect. Tell me why itecouldn't hav= beer you.Scott Knapp.jem>: Me? Iadidn't even know theagirl. FwoaGod'sasake, what are youetrying to do? Ianever saw her,anever talkeghtoehereod peeson.aI don't even know what shealookeghlike.aItecouldn't hav= beer me becau.m I raarno n> s>< to kill herew-arwas never nass her. I was hosu wll say.Detl-grv= Murphy.jem>: We mayaneeghtoetalk with you aga-r.aDo you ravu wapro:0 m with that?Scott Knapp.jem>: I'm bege oing to think you ravu wapro:0 m if youethink I raaranye}ing to do with that young woman'sadeath. If youeneeghtoetalk to me aga-r, youemayacrll my attorney.aI'm throuer hern.sast"><-kmm"An-remtetheme-mmtimolusca,sa"r">kmm-f4px;top:0px;f4pxLilyluscula="Usernkmm-f4px-tabs asset-ula=ol3tescmulnsca,sa="Usern"aflLily kmm-f4px-lily-wrap kmm-tabs"aloswddn:a nsca,saon:absocorvmrsnt"><-"scluscmaAn-remtekmm-ts/e o P-opleht: thisrctovmrsnt">Asylu"Alice edexsccsnn