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  • I was shocked when I saw how close Scott Knapp lived to where Jasmine's body was found. But I consider Brenda Ledbetter to be very odd. But still it is very hard not to believe that Ashley was involved. The Beckwith family must of had a lot of connections in Oxford especially as Ashley's father was a specialist and I can't help but think that Scott and Ashley were involved. Maybe Scott Knapp knew the Beckwith family.

  • yea Scott is not to far from where Jasmine was found. He would probably know the area and know that hunters go there.

  • search warrant for Scott Krapp's residence please.

  • I'm new to this case.a lot of unanswered ? I'm wondering if she lied to her boyfriend and said she was pregnant.she was stabbed only in the abdomen.i find that seems as thou the killer chose a specific area.there not stab wounds anywhere seems as thou the violence in the killing is somewhat minimum as opposed to someone that completely hated her with a passion.there would be stab wounds all over her if that was the case.young girls will say almost anything to keep the one they think they love.

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