Jasmine Ledbetter was found murdered in the woods

Jasmine Lynn Ledbetter was born June 23, 1994, to parents Brenda and Kevin Ledbetter in Oxford, Mississippi. Brenda had looked forward to being a parent and was a full-time homemaker, reveling in her role as a mother.

Both parents showered Jasmine with love, but Brenda seemed obsessed with her child and rarely left her alone. She refused to leave her baby with a sitter for fear something might happen to her. Kevin went along with her, but worried that Jasmine was being smothered by her mother's constant hovering.

When Jasmine entered kindergarten, Brenda enrolled her in dancing lessons but Jasmine rebelled at the "girly" activity. At Kevin's urging, Jasmine began Bobby Sox Softball as soon as she turned five. Kevin became a coach and Brenda, reluctantly at first, participated as a te-{ed kcic-biosographies Biographies rd to being a parent and was aor-color ref="/in became a cofs Brenda and Kevin u-toggleng lessons but Jaame a c4a and Kevin u-toggleng lessons but Jaame a c4a and Kevincf

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