Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 2:40 p.m.

Reggie Simms knew both Laurie and Melanie DanielsAfter locating Reggie Simms in Pennsylvania, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy traveled there to talk with him. The detectives interviewed Mr. Simms at his residence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The interview was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Reggie Simms

Detective Murphy: For the record, please state your name, age, address and occupation.

Reggie Simms: Reggie Simms, 30 years old. I live at 115 South Wyatt Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I tend bar downtown.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Simms, would you describe your relationship to Laurie Daniels.

Reggie Simms: Laurie stayed in the spare bedroom at my apartment earlier this year, from February 27th to March 29th.

Detective Armstrong: So she was your roommate?

Reggie Simms: Kind of. I guess you could say we were romantically involved during that time too.

Detective Armstrong: Did you know her before February 27th?

Reggie Simms: No, I did not.

Detective Armstrong: How did she approach you?

Reggie Simms: Well, you know, being a bartender, chicks come up all the time, but I had nothing better to do, so… yeah. She showed up at the bar where I work one night around 9:00 p.m. or so and, uh, essentially seduced me.

Detective Armstrong: How did she do that?

Reggie Simms: She opened a tab and started drinking, talking to me the whole time. She asked me when I got off work, and I told her 2:00 a.m. She invited me up to her room for more drinks, so I agreed.

Detective Armstrong: Just like that?

Reggie Simms: Hey, she was a striking young lady, and she was very interesting. We were having a good discussion about the state of affairs in this country. She was telling me about some of the more upsetting things she'd seen around the country, and I was intrigued.

Detective Murphy: What sort of upsetting things?

Reggie Simms: Let's see, she talked a lot about the anger she saw in young people today and how it was misdirected. She talked about a kid she knew who traveled around with her to music festivals, some kid who was severely beaten by some other people at a concert. She said the whole thing just started making less and less sense, that things were too out of control among the mass culture followers.

Detective Murphy: Anything else?

Reggie Simms: Uh, then she told me a story about a friend of hers in Texas who basically killed himself by drinking himself to death, how he had been pent up with this anger. We talked about these ideas and possible solutions for hours, and it just spread out in all different directions. Eventually, we took the conversation upstairs.

Detective Armstrong: That's a lot of talking.

Reggie Simms: I remember it being one of the most interesting and enlightening conversations I've ever had. We must've talked for like ten hours straight. And then she got familiar with me, if you know what I'm saying.

Detective Murphy: Was this the start of your romantic involvement with her?

Reggie Simms: I suppose so, although I don't know how romantic we were. She seemed to feed off of my sexual energy. She even mentioned that, told me something like I was "embossed with lusty menace." I don't know what that meant, but I liked the sound of it. I told her she was pretty good too. But I don't think she was romantic.

Detective Murphy: What do you mean?

Reggie Simms: She just wasn't that kind of girl. She was intense and kind of crazy. And as it turned out, she was using me to get the scoop on her sister, Melanie.

Detective Armstrong: How do you mean?

Reggie Simms: Well, you can imagine my surprise when, about two days after I met her, she told me that her sister was Melanie Daniels—the same one I spent a little time with down in Oxford, Mississippi, so many years ago.

Detective Armstrong: How did you respond?

Reggie Simms: I got mad, and then kind of freaked out. It seemed like it could be a scary, peculiar thing, like maybe she was some kind of Fatal Attraction psycho woman.

Detective Armstrong: What did you say to her?

Reggie Simms: Well, you know, hey, every guy wants to do sisters, so I just kept going. I'm a pushover when it comes to a pretty lady—psycho or not. Laurie was just the kind of freaky babe I was looking for at the time. I thought it was best to stick it out because the situation was getting interesting.

Detective Armstrong: She didn't ask about her sister right away, when she first approached you?

Reggie Simms: No. I guess she was toying with me or something. It was strange how her mind worked. But that's what I liked about her. She was out there.

Detective Murphy: So you did, in fact, have a relationship with Melanie Daniels some years earlier, correct?

Reggie Simms: Right. Well, it was more like we hooked up, you know? I mean, I was a kid then. I was coming back from training for the Air Force. Me and some boys took a trip to New Orleans when it was all said and done, and on the way back I stopped in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Reggie Simms: I had a friend once who lived there and I wanted to see if he was still there, but he wasn't. I liked the town anyway, so I stayed a few days. I was at a bar there, and this cute little girl comes up and sits in my lap and is all playful.

Detective Murphy: This was Melanie Daniels?

Reggie Simms: I didn't know her name until later, but yeah.

Detective Murphy: You didn't notice she was too young to be in a bar?

Reggie Simms: She looked a little young, sure, but it was a college town… I didn't know. I mean, she did get in the bar, right?

Detective Armstrong: OK, so she came over and sat in your lap. Then what?

Reggie Simms: Yeah, so she tells me about herself while I'm steadily buying her beers and she's getting wasted. I ended up taking her to my motel room, and she conked out right there.

Detective Armstrong: And then what?

Reggie Simms: Nothing. Next morning she was gone, and she left me her phone number. She wanted me to call and take her out the next night, so I called her and her father answered. He was none too pleased to hear my voice. He basically told me to go to hell, that he didn't like the sound of me. So I thought that was that, and I was all ready to pack up and head home.

Detective Murphy: But you didn't go home?

Reggie Simms: No, I was just about to go check out when she showed up at my door. She was going on and on about how she'd never made love and wanted me to show her. I let her in, and she started talking about her family life. A real screwed-up household.

Detective Murphy: And then what?

Reggie Simms: She took me to this big overpass outside of town where she liked to hang out, and we sat underneath it while she cried and talked my ear off. And we messed around a little, nothing much. I can see more on a basic cable show than I saw that night. You could show everything I did with Melanie on TV and not hear a word from the FCC.

Detective Murphy: OK, Mr. Simms, before we get off on a tangent here, let's focus on that night in Oxford. You were under the bridge. The two of you messed around. Then what?

Reggie Simms: Then nothing. She went home. I went back to the motel, and I left town the next day.

Detective Murphy: Did you have any contact with her after that?

Reggie Simms: Yeah. Not a week later, she's calling me up telling me she's pregnant with my baby. Don't know how she got my number, and most importantly, don't know how she got the idea it was my baby. We didn't even do anything except kiss and fondle. I barely touched her, and that's the truth.

Detective Armstrong: You never had intercourse?

Reggie Simms: No way. She was too messed up, crying and everything.

Detective Armstrong: And that stopped you?

Reggie Simms: I think I was really just upset by her whole predicament. It wasn't like a sexy weekend affair or anything. For whatever reason, these sisters have—at two different times in my life—felt compelled to confess their strange, sad lives to me. Don't you find that kind of strange?

Detective Murphy: And why was that, you think?

Reggie Simms: Maybe it was because I could identify with them, coming from an abusive home too. Only my brother got tired of dad beating on us every day when we got home from school, so one day he brought home a pool cue and beat old Daddy down. Killed the old man in his own living room. Now my brother's doing life in the penitentiary in Trenton. So you see? We all been down in it. Just some more than others.

Detective Armstrong: From talking to either sister, what sort of abuse did you believe had gone on in their household?

Reggie Simms: Hatred. A lot of hate in that family. I remember one time when Laurie was talking to me and playing mind tricks with me, and I asked her how she could have such a slippery mind like that, and she told me, "Years of psychological, family freeze tag." Now, I don't what that means exactly, but you can imagine. And what family doesn't play games with each other and act weird? We're all weird. But I think, personally, she was repressing some really bad experiences.

Detective Murphy: What made you think that?

Reggie Simms: Little things she said and ways she'd react when I touched her a certain way, she'd been handled before by somebody. Her baby sister was like that too, and that's all in that letter she sent me. That's why I don't care to recall it, you see.

Detective Murphy: What letter is this? Did you have more communication with Melanie Daniels after she called you and told you about her pregnancy?

Reggie Simms: Yeah, she called several times, just talking crazy. Then she sent me this big letter that told everything about her family life and about her wanting to run away to me.

Detective Murphy: What did the letter say?

Reggie Simms: She said her parents were blaming her and me for having a kid, knowing damn well it wasn't mine. It scared me to death. 'Cause, like a fool, I had given her my address. I had told her to come visit, but all that was before she started talking about carrying my baby. I didn't know if girl was going to come up here and make me marry her or go to the cops or God knows what else. But before I had a chance to find out, I shipped out to Afghanistan.

Detective Armstrong: Did she say anything else in her letter?

Reggie Simms: Mainer">llof about how she couldn't take it an more laving nt home.Ccouldn't take the abusn. said her dad was messed up, just not righy. I reallyfelt badlehaving her uet in thectole, but it had donr somethint to her ehad. We all havetNo wlk btolily downyourdownpeates.

Detective Murphy: Did the letter givt ane deaiels about her relationship with her fother?

Reggie Simms:Shome. I don't remember itaell, op tele you tee truth. But Ighaveiut to Laurio, and after shepread that, shepreally went off teedeepI ens.

Detective Murphy: Howsor?

Reggie Simms:Sstayedlocoked ue in her room. She would get in the phone andytele nt peopl, OK?. It washzard not to havsdrope. I don't know ifIe ever ezard her have aclavrl conversatioe. all that anger she was talking aboul, it washher. She was all of hpose emethin,e vholnat kdes.

Detective Murphy: So you know wSo she was talking to ane of hpose timer?

Reggie Simms: I remember she called her ome she had toldome a few dayt before that she haon'tspoeket to her insixe or even yeare—and tee two of tems were riceuring likesshe'd never been awah. I could hear her in tee next room with thy dooessuot.

Detective Murphy: Did you hear anything she sild?

Reggie Simms: Laurie was tellinghter,"Youe're sg craze sg Dadd!: Whe would I wang to come home te tha?".

Detective Murphy:Wwas thah thyoiner timd?

Reggie Simms: She was in the phone a other time talking about her dad te somgone, I don't know wNo. it wasn't her ome, I don't think,'ecause she kept sayinr,"Youe got a come up te Oxfore and-held me take care of him. This aon't gounpmun shad. We got a take care of him". And she wadn't talking about beingThis getnoursr. She mean " Dadde's got ago.".

Detective Murphy: So you recall ane other conversations she had in the phond?

Reggie Simms: Yeah, justoine.Oone night some guy called for ter, wiach surprisldome because I didn't think anhone knew she washwere. I answerel it, and-hI asked te peack to Laurie Danielt, so I told her,"Tele phone." Ihcollerel it tbrougn the bedroom door.Ir ezard herptick up, so Ihoungupt.

Detective Murphy: Did you hear anything thyd talked aboud?

Reggie Simms . Only hertsidd. honever thisdudhe way, she wasarguhing with him. She kept sayinr," I don'tnfeed yoe. I don't wang to see yoe":Shomything like thay. I remember thinyinr," What a lfse, to be suarouneedaby people rrying to held yoe, but i'as ilby people What you htne." But she couldn't letime talt to her aboutiot.

Detective Armstrong: Did she tele you why she was going to Oxford?

Reggie Simmse I didn't even know she was going bace. after Ighavether What lettee, I thought she was going to go psychm. Shelocokedhherselfupt. We were having a realntice time until all that.

Detective Murphy: Wven did you givtther Whe letted?

Reggie Simmse Ighaveiut to herpro balry about a week or so before she left.

Detective Murphy: What did shedod during that weed?

Reggie SimmseRwanted andtraved tehhersel.: Mdnr some phone cales to Oxfore andtto New Orleant.

Detective Armstrong: So you know waetnoembens she called?

Reggie Simmse I'vepro balry got t nt phonebtill aroundhwerr som wherh. I could lood foriut for yoe.

Detective Armstrong: Thatld beg retd. hemn we're donr talking: Did sheneverecall anhonebbefore ten? Bbefore you havether Whe letted?

Reggie Simmse No, I don't think og: Dion'ts howuop on my phonebtill if shedins.

Detective Murphy:Youe say she lefp on March 2d?

Reggie SimmseWi thout a ford.

Detective Armstrong:Youe didn't take hertto theairmpord?

Reggie Simmse No way. She just ue and lefto Never ezard from her gMaid.

Detective Murphy: What did she say about Melani? Haid she been aware of anything going onbetwbeen Melanie and-her fother?

Reggie Simms:Shne knee, I thiny. Sheaecteg likesshe didn'e, but it was somethint shenxpeected. Shepreally didn't say r wholelo'e, except asving a lot ofctole, direc qurestions. Just likeyoue're doingknow. But when I havether What lettee, thequrestion cametto a screcthinthalay. I guess What letteI answerel everything shenfeeved te know. I don't think she poeke telvhe crdes to mr after tha.r Goderesy hertoful.

Detective Murphy:Youe sdid sheddidn't talt to you muce, but waet did she say to you in tpose days after you havether Whe letted?

Reggie SimmseOone dae maybeae dayfor two after I havether Whe lettee she asked me whore te clposesyWalmtart way. I guess somgont was endhinthherto me gonay.

Detective Murphy: What mkess you think that's why she wanted to findayWalmtard?

Reggie Simmse I don't knoy. I guess because it was somethintwhe'd talked abouebbefor,s usingWalmtarttto sand gonay.

Detective Murphy: What was sheddoing for gonat before thad?

Reggie Simmse I don't knoy. She had some, nog a lot, but I don't know where she gotiot.

Detective Armstrong: Did youNever see Melanie Daniels after you lefp Oxford. Ever ezad from her when you ont back from oveseaer?

Reggie Simms:Nopeh. Not a ford. And that's just theaway I wanted it. I mean, Iddidn'tdeservvt ane of tederepionibtiitah. I wadn't ted father of taat kde. I don't know waethapopenedtto Melanie.

Detective Armstrong: Did you know waethapopenedtto Laurie Daniels after she lefpwherr?

Reggie Simms:Noat until you just toldome.

Detective Murphy: Did youNevergho back to Oxfore after tce time you eut Melanir tcerr?

Reggie Simms:Nopme, nepres in go.

Detective Armstrong: So you know wto night have wanted tohuort ry kilo Laurir?

Reggie Simms: I have ne ide.e I'm tellingyyoe, Laurie stayedhat yt plcio, and we were lovirs in tre ofr horsd. A Little ender cmp and, know waet I mea?: She stayed home ilo day while e wasatf work, and I can tele youto me strangeethints were going ontcero.

Detective Armstrong: What do you mean?

Reggie Simms: I meae e could come home most nighrs, and itsmpelled like ricend mgice, if you canding thar. She was font ofchwants and all that itcwhy >llor. She'dchwant ue t strme in her rooe, but it was likesshessuor itaele ofr when she camettoome. And e wasglhad of taa.: MetteI of fact,Itae mostfelt taken dvwanagre of sometimeo.

Detective Armstrong:Oheprealln?

Reggie Simms: I meae, nog that I wadn't getting ytffairshware for lethinthherttwah. I just meae, weln… shenfeverpreally likedome muce, I don't thine. se muce sgwre lovde, I thint it wasaeleome, you knon?

Detective Murphy: What kind ofcbar d, youdrtivn?

Reggie Simms:Hfona Acecoro.

Detective Murphy: Whatctofori's the inteioed?

Reggie SimmseBurgounay.

Detective Murphy: That's the samecbar you had when Laurie wastcerr?

Reggie Simms: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: Did sheneverrside in ir?

Reggie Simms: Yeay, she took me to work a cuople of timeo I let herborrnow rttto runertradrs and ere te citah.

Detective Armstrong: Thintyyoe. Thatlll bsaele forknoy. fgwrenfeedtto get back in toucg withyyoe, Mr. Simms,yyotlll bsaarounr?

Reggie Simms: I don't think I'm going anywhere for r whilh.

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