Melissa Bridges discovered the vandalism with her friend Freddy

Saturday, April 26, 2014 - 2:04 p.m.

Melissa Bridges discovered the vandalism scene with her friend, Freddy Allison. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her with her parents' permission at the Allison residence at 414 Old Taylor Road. The interview was recorded with the witness's parents' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Melissa Bridges

Detective Armstrong: Melissa, would you just tell us your name, age and address for the record?

Melissa Bridges: OK. Melissa Bridges. I'm 12. 114 County Road 332, Taylor, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: Miss Bridges, could you tell us what happened this morning?

Melissa Bridges: Freddy Allison came over and was like, did I want to hang out with him. And I was like, sure. So we went through the woods into his pasture and then came to the woods by the creek.

Detective Murphy: Do you and Freddy hang out together a lot?

Melissa Bridges: I don't know. We're kinda going together.

Detective Murphy: OK. So you walked to the woods by the creek and then what?

Melissa Bridges: We went in the woods and sat down on a fallen tree and kissed a little bit. It was our first time. I was kinda nervous, so I ran off to get him chasing me. He did. And then we just ran up to it.

Detective Murphy: You ran up to what?

Melissa Bridges: It was a place that looked cleared off. And there was a campfire that had gone out. And the bottles were there. And that dead chicken. It just about scared me to death. So we ran back to tell Freddy's father. And that's how it happened.

Detective Murphy: Did you touch or move anything from the site?

Melissa Bridges: Freddy kicked one of the bottles a little, and he poked the chicken with a stick, but that was it. I was so scared. I was yelling for him to come on.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see anything else unusual on the way back?

Melissa Bridges: No, sir. I don't remember anything except running full speed to his house.

Detective Armstrong: Have you ever seen anything unusual in the woods by the creek?

Melissa Bridges: No, sir. Nothing.

Detective Armstrong: Was there ever anyone else in the woods?

Melissa Bridges: No, sir. I've only been back there about ten times.

Detective Murphy: Have you noticed any strangers around in the past couple of weeks?

Melissa Bridges: No, ma'am. I don't remember anybody.

Detective Murphy: Did Freddy ever tell you about anybody?

Melissa Bridges: No, ma'am. We mainly talk about people at school.

Detective Armstrong: All right, thank you, Miss Bridges. You've been a great help.

Melissa Bridges: You're welcome, Detective.

Detective Murphy: If we want to ask you anything else later, would that be OK with you? We'll check with your parents first, of course, to make sure it's okay with them.

Melissa Bridges: Yes, ma'am. That'd be fine with me.

Interview ends - 2:21 p.m.

People in this conversation

  • Well! These little scamps!;)
    Two things for thought-
    I did Google Maps for her house and Freddy's. I don't know how accurate to expect things to be but by road their houses are 4.5 miles apart. Going through the woods they might be able to cut off a mile or so, but they are walking around about 3 miles for Melissa and about 6 miles for Freddy. That's a lot before 10:00 in the morning. Am I getting too technical? And what would that indicate if anything other than I'm getting old and projecting!
    The other thing I was thinking; when you compare her description of what happened and Freddy's, I'm beginning to see that maybe he does have a good imagination. He may not be such a reliable witness.

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