Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001316-26D-2014
Case Description: Laurie Daniels homicide investigation

This is the transcript of a 911 call received by Yoknapatawpha County Emergency Services at 11:16 a.m. on Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

Dispatcher: 911. What is your emergency?

Caller: I've been ******* fixed! He did it! He's here! He ******* fixed me.

Dispatcher: Slow down, sir. Tell me what happened. Has anyone harmed you?

Caller: Yeah! Not yet, but Dr. Yah Yah has put about a million hexes on me! He's here, and he's trying to kill me. The man is a witch doctor, and he's a known killer! He put an egg in my tree and spiders in my pillow, dammit!

Dispatcher: Sir, are you at 126 County Road 432 in Yocona?

Caller: Yes, yes that's me.

Dispatcher: Is your life in danger right now?

Caller: Yes, dammit! Why do you think I'm calling you?

Dispatcher: We're sending a unit out there right now. Will you hold the line?

Caller: I can't hold the line! Shit, he's probably listening in. He's liable to be up the pole listening. He's gonna kill me. He works like slow poison. Please, get somebody!

Dispatcher: What's your name?

Caller: Ah… Forrest Burgess.

Dispatcher: Tell me again what he did, sir. Is he there right now?

Caller: I can't see him, but I know he's here.

Dispatcher: What did he do?

Caller: He put an egg in my tree! It's a fix!

Dispatcher: Sir, has he physically threatened you?

Caller: What do you call that?

Dispatcher: Yes, but an egg….

Caller: It's a classic hex! He's trying to kill me. I'll be dead by tomorrow Holy shit! I've done nothing wrong! I didn't kill Laurie Daniels!

Dispatcher: Sir, what happened?

Caller: Look, I shouldn't have… I shouldn't have called. Cancel that. I'll just—

Dispatcher: Sir, please hold the line. You don't have to talk. Just hold on.

Caller: Oh God, I can't.


Incoming Phone Number:


Dispatch To Address:

126 CR 432, Yocona

Call Date:


Call Start:


Call End:


Unit Assigned:



Lisette Clinton

Case # Assigned:



People in this conversation

  • I'm confusing myself now. I can't decide whether Dr. Yah Yah put that egg hex in the tree because Forrest killed Laurie or whether Forrest put it there to try to get the police off his tail because he killed Laurie. I'm totally puzzled right now. :(

  • Now with newer info I still don't know who put the egg there. Forrest probably did but he sounds so sincere. Maybe YahYah is around. There have been a lot of phone calls to that New Orleans number. YahYah hasn't been seen. He and Laurie had some kind of weird thing going on. A hex on Forrest was found at his apartment. I have a hard time counting him out just yet.

  • Could someone upload the audio file too?

    from Utah, USA
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