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Analysis: Serology; Tool Mark Examination; Trace Evidence Analysis

Case #: 001316-26D-2014

Case Description: Laurie Daniels homicide investigation

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


Summary of Preliminary Evidence Analysis

Tool Marks

  • Examination of tool marks on the bones and cartilage of severed limbs by microscopic analysis under oblique lighting indicated that the tool used to dismember the body was a hacksaw.
  • By measuring the holes in the bones and cartilage, it was determined that the hacksaw blade was 18 teeth per inch, as indicated in Figure 1.
  • The hacksaw and blades can be purchased at any local hardware store or Walmart.
  • No distinguishing individual characteristics of the blade were noted.

Figure 1

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Fingernail scrapings

  • Microscopic evaluation of material from underneath the fingernails revealed soil, bark residue, fibers and biological material.
  • Soil Analysis
    • The same type of soil was found under the fingernails from both hands, which indicates it may have been deposited before the body was dismembered.
    • The soil found under the fingernails was inconsistent in mineral and rock composition to any of the soils samples collected from the two crime scene locations in Taylor, MS, the crime scene in Toccopola, MS (Pontotoc County), the crime scene in Batesville, MS, (Panola County) and the crime scene in Bruce, MS, (Calhoun County).
    • A significant amount of fungal spores consistent origination in a dark, damp area were present in the soil samples from under the victim's fingernails.
  • Bark Analysis
    • The bark recovered from under the fingernails was compared to the bark samples provided from the vandalism crime scene in Taylor, MS. Both samples were found to be Pinus taeda (Loblolly pine).
  • Fiber Analysis
    • Examination of fibers recovered from under the fingernails found they were consistent with maroon nylon carpet fibers known as "Antron."
  • Biological Material Analysis
    • DNA analysis of biological material recovered from under the fingernails is currently in progress. Results are pending.

Ligature Marks

  • Close examination of the wrists of both arms revealed ligature marks consistent with the victim being bound antemortem.
  • Examination of the features of the marks indicated the ligature was likely a rope of undetermined composition with a diameter of approximately 1 cm.
  • Laurie was tied up so she must have been awake when all the bad stuff went on. Poor girl.
    We need to know where the maroon carpet is and if it's in a house or an automobile.
    She must have put up a fight before being tied up because of the biological material under her fingernails.

  • What did Laurie do to warrant her head being dismembered.?

  • We know that Laurie died between March 23rd and April 3rd, 11 days. No significant blood found at the scenes we have discovered, and a lot of other body parts unaccounted for. Ligature marks from being tied up. Carpet fibers, other fibers found along with mold consistent with a damp dark place. I think our creepy story has just gotten creepier. It sounds like she was held for at least a period of time. If we could know how 'old' the left arm appeared we could get an idea. I would like to know everyone's where abouts in the days following March 23rd.

  • does it show a picture of the carpet looks like you can buy Antron fibers for fly fishing . would also be nice to know where all there people are from if they are close to the area and maybe what the last person on the call list was to her. haven't looked at all yet but so far I'm thinking Forest or dr yeah yeah but really think dr yeah yeah is probably dead to and body hidden better and the egg was planted to frame dr yeah yeah both the girls probably fell into some group

  • DuPont Monsanto Allied i think it says makes this product

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