Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001316-26D-2014
Case Description: John Doe homicide investigation

The following items were taken into evidence from the scene where the bucket was found on the Allison farm, 163 yards south of the intersection of CR 323 and Taylor Creek.


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  • 001316-65 through 001316-79: Fifteen (15) soil samples
  • 001316-80 through 001316-84: Five (5) samples from tree stump
  • 001316-85 through 001316-89: Five (5) samples of water from Taylor Creek
  • 001316-90: One (1) bucket, with the words "Pool Free" on the side
    • Chain of Custody note: CSU Evidence Technician James McManus traveled with this evidence item when it was transported to the Coroner's Office. When the Coroner's Office had retrieved the human remains from inside the bucket and finished their processing, the bucket and remaining contents were remanded to McManus' custody for processing at the Crime Lab.
  • 001316-91: One (1) empty foil condom wrapper

People in this conversation

  • I have gone back to have a look at the Allison farm diagram. Where it is called the vandalism site. That is the site of the ritual, and was much closer to the Allison farm.
    So what I was surprised by was the fact they had carried the bucket down towards the house that JC Strong did live in. But my biggest surprise was the fact that they had gone over the CR 323 road to leave the bucket in the trunk of a tree in the wooded area which was close to his house.
    CR stands for country road which did divide the Allison farm.
    I'm not aware massive amounts of blood were found at the ritual site so I'd say the body was cut up at JC Strongs.
    What did surprise me was, if JC Strong wasn't involved then they would have had their cars parked on CR 323, and then they would not have continued down to JC Strongs house.

  • I'm right with you, cfp. The head and bucket are found a substantial distance away from the ritual site. I have been confused from the beginning as to why they even found it. Yes, it was across the road. They said they 'followed a trail' through the woods. Maybe a picture would help, but a trail through the woods across a County Road? If the cars involved were not parked at JC Strong's they would have been beside the road. We don't know the exact day and time, but you would think if they were parked by the road someone might have noticed, thus parked at JC Strong's....Or not!
    I think the blood is from the chicken, not from the murder. I think she was murdered long before the 'ritual' and the head appeared, and in a different place.
    Also, the condom wrapper. Related or just a "cast-off" from JC or one of his charming friends from past conquests?

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