The Kudzu Kids visited Mrs. Shegog at her home in Oxford

We went to visit Mildred Shegog at her house on Van Buren Avenue, and it turns out that General Shegog was her great-great grandfather.

Mrs. Shegog let us come in and video her talking with us.

My name is Mildred Shegog, and my great-great granddaddy was Nathaniel Wallace Shegog, and he fought— he was a general in the Civil War on the Confederate side. And he lived in this house 150 years ago.

Mrs. Shegog, do you have any documents or personal items of his?

Well, I don't have a basement, but the old trunk is upstairs. And I never get in the attic, so I don't recall what's in there. You're welcome to go up there and look around and dress up in his old uniform … if y'all promise not to raise too much of a ruckus.

Oh, we won't. Don't worry.

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