The Kudzu Kids talked to the janitor cleaning Professor Lowry's office

After Professor Lowry chased us out of his office, we hung around Bishop Hall until he left. The janitor, Jerry Boyce, came to clean the professor's office at about 1:45 p.m.

While Zach went through the professor's trash, Rachel asked Mr. Boyce if he had seen anything suspicious in Lowry's office.

He told us about other bones found on campus.

I can tell you about them bones. I know where them bones are. A buddy of mine named Cooper, about 6 years back, he found a bone behind Guyton Hall. It's the ROTC building over yonder.

Well, that nut took it up there to the UPD, and they, you know, went and followed him out there. And sure enough, there's a mess of bones out there.

Well, it turns out, that ROTC building is really— used to be the medical building, and the kids would study all the dead bodies. And some fool just must have chucked them back there in the gully instead of burying them, you know. That's strange.

But I ain't gonna say anything about the professor. I gotta keep my job, you know. But y'all just keep watching.

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