Hunter overheard a phone call his dad had with Professor LowryHunter recorded his dad talking on the phone to another professor about the bone the Kudzu Kids found:

Hunter here. I'm outside Dad's study, and it sounds like he's arguing with somebody on the phone.

Yes, yes, Lowry, but— … No, no, my department is not trying to steal the limelight. We want to know about this bone as badly as you. But truth is, we found it, and we're moving on it. … What do you mean the bone is yours? Are you saying you left it there? Are you saying it's your leg? … Well, I think it is my business. … Sure, my kids have no business there, but I'll talk to them myself, thank you. … Listen, this is a really bad time for me. I'm going through a bit of a family crisis here. … Yes, well, we'll see about that. Good day, sir.


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  • What's the 'family crisis', I wonder....;)

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    Yes, it would be good to make this a line of inquiry. Also, it seems the history department has reason to claim this bone, buy why? Did they know where the bone was? If there is going to be a crime uncovered (and I suppose there will be) then any conflict is worth investigating.

  • Could Lowry have 'planted' the bone in the Y Building with the intention of it being found thus backing up a theory he is yet to state regarding the Civil War

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    What's the 'family crisis', I wonder....;)

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