The Kudzu Kids found an image of an old map that Kevin Stark scanned in the computer lab

We found Kevin Stark on campus after he hung up on us when we called him.

We followed him to the university computer lab where we saw him using an image scanner.

After he left, Zach accessed the file, and we found what appears to be a really old, hand-drawn campus map with the name of the general's poem and other clues on it.

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  • Looks like Stark is looking for clues to where General Shegog had his treasures. It's a treasure map, but I don't see an X marks the spot. :)

  • What I got from the poem was that Goldstar peak was the treasure location. I also got that you 'go right at Stark's Bait'. If you look at the maze of the map, that's the direction you would have to take if you start at the Magnetic Observatory/House of the Dead.

  • If we take the directions (in the poem) we would start at Sunto Spirito and follow what the map says. It goes to the Chapel and doesn't turn to the Goldstar Peak. Stark's says it is bait, so I was assuming that was a trick. Do you think there is the possibility that Goldstar Peak is a trick, too, and the gold, etc., is buried under the chapel?

  • Well, along with being bad at reading poems, it seems I have a problem with maps as well! LOL!
    I think I follow what you are saying about the chapel. Going with the left, right etc. stuff, I was trying to make the "..."s to match the circles on the map, perhaps indicating "dens". I'm not sure it works, what do you think?
    Stark would seem to be the 'heir' he refers to in the poem - O'Brian's gold is mentioned - his cross of gold. But if it's all buried, how did Mildred get the locket?

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